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"Your commitment to keeping your customers satisfied is admirable, increasingly rare and worthy of imitation."
Albert A. - Yardley, Pennsylvania

 Fuji slide film scanned on the Nikon Film Scanner
slide film scanning services 

The lightning photo is one of Jim's own 35MM slides, scanned on the Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED.

Text and images Copyright © 2015 Jim Harrington
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For a limited time:


(no edits rate)

Call Jim at 781-244-5655 for details.

Jim's own 35MM slide converted to digitalFor over 14 years, 35MM slides to digital conversion, via CD and DVD has been the service Jim Harrington provides.

Instead of offering a myriad of digital services, the mission here is to do one thing, and do it very, very well. Unlike some photo scanning services,  converting 35MM slides to digital is my area of expertise.

 Many orders are from repeat customers who know they won't be disappointed.

"Your site inspires confidence."
Kathleen Thomas 2/11/09

35MM kodacrome digital conversion

A sample of my clients includes: Tufts Medical Center, US Department of Commerce-National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Park Service, Harvard University, Boston University, USS Constitution Museum, Colgate University etc.

Satisfied clients include discerning individuals, professional photographers, small businesses, large corporations, universities, visual artists ( 35MM slides of artwork ) and publishers.

Converting slides to PowerPoint presentations brings the convenience of a digital projector. Mail your slides numbered, in sequence, and you'll receive a ready-to-go PowerPoint presentation in addition to stand-alone image files.

If you desire 35MM slides professionally scanned and shipped back quickly, you've found what one customer called, "the logical choice".

I asked a repeat customer why he chose my service. Here is his reply:

"I Googled some phrase like ‘35mm slide conversion’ or something like that and got a number of websites. Yours was one of about 20 I looked at.  I chose yours for several reasons.  One, you had a name.  I much prefer to work with a person as opposed to a company.

From Jim's Canon 10D (digital) and Canon 100-400 IS lensSecond, your site was the most thorough with good detailed information.

Third, your site said to ‘Call Jim before your send.’  I really liked that as it told me that you really wanted to get it right from the very first. "


35MM slide, scanned and enhanced by JimMany things set this service apart. First, I don't require full payment in advance. (See order form.) I guarantee my work 100%.

Only Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED scanners are used.

As I review each scan, if needed, adjustments are made to improve color balance and over-all image quality.

Individually enhancing scans, only as needed, results in more uniform quality during a slides to digital process. I don't leave the job of color balance and shadow enhancement to automated processes.

If you prefer to do your own enhancements, that option is available. Call Jim at 781-244-5655 for reduced "no edits" pricing..

Keep reading and you'll find my pricing info and frequently asked questions. Please read my pricing factors in the FAQ section.

Is your slide projector bulb broken? If so, this magnifying slide viewer might take the pain-in-the-neck out of reviewing your slides.

Florida scanning customers might enjoy my Anna Maria Island photos.

I sell prints of my photography.

New Hampshire residents might enjoy my Hampton Beach, New Hampshire photographs. I've also published a popular Digital Photography tips page.

Testimonial Sample

Scan made from Jim's 35MM slide film."I phoned Jim to ask about his services. I was absolutely amazed. He gave me at least 20 minutes on a busy Saturday morning and answered all my questions and then some. He not only explained what he does but gave me all the options, whether he provided that particular service or not. He recommended specific scanners if I decide to do some of the slide scanning myself. He even recommended another company that charges less to scan but does not do some of the professional touch-up work he does. I am now on my way to the basement to check out those old boxes of slides. I was so impressed by the quick call-back, expertise, and integrity of this gentleman!
Sincerely, Pauline J. - Ohio"

5/27/09 I really appreciate what you have done. I am more than pleased. I wish I had known of your work years ago. I had been wary of all the other places. Some seemed like they treated everything as if they were using a cookie cutter, and I was afraid that I would spend a lot of money and be disappointed with the results, or even worse, everything would be lost en-route to Mongolia.
John T. - New York

Read more testimonials.
Newest added

References are available, if requested.

"As always, they look fantastic!"
Jean M - Washington DC
"Many thanks for your dedication to perfection."
Al R. - Palm Beach, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Sample - Order Form


Slides to DVD or CD - Digital Conversion Services

  • Slide Scanning Service for PowerPoint Presentations
  • Convert slides to digital for use with digital projectors
  • Scan 35 MM Kodak Slides
  • Kodak Kodachrome film scanning
  • Ektachrome film, Fuji Film , 3M, Agfachrome,
  • Anscochrome Slides
  • Slide duplication to digital
  • Slides to DVD digital services
  • Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED is used for all Kodachrome film scanning
  • Digital Slide Conversion
  • Digitize slides for LCD projection ( digital projector )
  • Copy Slides to CD & DVD
  • Power Point presentations from your 35MM slides
  • Convert slides to digital for archiving
  • 35 Millimeter Transparency Film Scanning Service
  • Slide Printing Services- Call for details.

Do you need 35MM slides FROM digital files? Jim recommends IQ Imaging for 35MM slide creation. Tell Steve, Jim sent you.

Are you in Europe or the UK? Visit Slides on CD.
In Canada? Check out Ontario Canada Slide Scanning Service.

Why Saugus Photos Online is your "logical choice" 

  • Price includes individual, post-scan enhancements (where needed) using Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • TRUST ! Pay after you receive your scans!
  • Individual, post-scan, enhancements included
  • Both TIFF & JPG formats included for one price
  • Free PowerPoint Presentations from your scans
  • Excellence in slide scanning service
  • A Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Friendly, accommodating service
  • Uncompressed tiff format (the industry standard)
  • Attention to detail on every scan
  • Prices include all Digital Ice features

Do you want:

  • To digitize slides for your business?
  • To convert slides to digital for your family slide collection?
  • Individual, post-scan adjustments?
  • To digitize slides for PowerPoint presentations?

Quality & Value, Unsurpassed !

Testimonials - Pricing - FAQ - Client Sample - Order Form

Jim provides full size, uncompressed, high resolution scans up to 4000 PPI from mounted, 35 MM slide film using only one type of film scanner, the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED. The Nikon is likely the best film scanner in its class, producing scans superior to lower quality machines. Scans made with the Nikon are an inexpensive alternative to drum scanning.

Scanning 35MM slides is Jim's area of expertise. 35MM negative film scanning is only offered under certain conditions.  Call Jim for details.

Copy Slides to DVD or CD: 

  • Kodachrome Slide Scanning
  • Archive slide collections
  • LCD projection
  • Digital Slide Printing
  • PowerPoint presentation (See FAQ)
  • Medical, Dental, Educational slides
  • Preserving and sharing memories
  • Digital Slide Shows
  • Web page content
  • Film & slide printing

Clients Include:

  • Authors - Book & Magazine publishers
  • Professional photographers
  • Architects
  • Gemologist
  • Astronomer
  • Viet Nam - Korea Veterans
  • Visual Artists - Designers
  • Dentists - Orthodontists
  • Doctors - Cosmetic surgeons
  • Engineers - Scientists - Veterinarians
  • Teachers - Professors
  • Universities

Pemigewasset River - Lincoln, NH Digital Photo - Canon 10D
A photograph from Jim's digital camera - Canon 10D

35MM Slide Scan Service Pricing

Any resolution up to 4000 PPI

59 cents each - no edits rate

99 cents each - Photoshop corrected by Jim

Be sure to read the FAQ, where pricing factors are addressed

Jim's pricing is simple.
Payment options are convenient and flexible.
Telephone 781-244-5655

Pricing below includes individual, manual, post-scan enhancements to correct color, improve exposure bring up shadow detail, remove red-eye, remove larger spots and specks etc.

Maybe you have skill with Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. If you prefer to do your own post-scan enhancements, reduced pricing is available. Be aware the majority of film scans will need fixing up to look their best.

Pricing is for scanning slides in cardboard or standard thickness plastic mounts. If your order contains extra thick or glass encased slides please let Jim know in advance. See the FAQ. 

Both tif & jpg format versions are included in the price.

Call Jim at 781-244-5655 for details

100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

35MM slide scans for PowerPoint, in sequence, can include 1 PowerPoint presentation at no extra charge.

1.) Pixel widths based on the longer of two sides, 35mm slide film only. They are approximate and will vary slightly due to crop settings .

Factors influencing Jim's prices.

Based on an uncompressed, 35mm, full image scan, including a small border (slide mount) the following is an approximate 700MB CD-R image count capacity.  For cropped slides about 10% more will fit.

If you choose only jpg format for your scans, you can increase the per-CD scan capacity by a factor of about 10.

CD-R & DVD-R recording fee is $5.00 each for disk needed for your project. Each additional copy is $4.00 each.

Call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 to start the order process.

Please print then fill out the  order form and include it with your slides  .Read the FAQ below.

Testimonials - FAQ - Client Sample - Order Form - Slide Printing

Maybe you're taking on the project yourself and need some Slide Scanning Tips.

At least 95% of customers choose TIFF format and for good reasons. If you want jpg files for convenience, they can be included along with the tif files, free.

Place your order, call Jim at 781-244-5655.

Saugus Photos Online is a home-office-based business which adds to the level of customer service you'll receive. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is Jim's first priority.

Place your order by calling 7 days a week...

Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 (Verizon wireless)

Working out details of your slide scanning order is not efficient via e-mail. Please call to place an order or if you have questions. If you must send e-mail, the address is on my image frames. Put "slide scanning" in the subject line or your message will not be read.

Contact Jim by telephone before shipping your order.
Include a copy of
the order form with your slides.

Read the FAQ below. If you have questions,
call Jim at 781-244-5655

Saugus Photos Online
108 Winter St.
Saugus, Massachusetts 01906
Telephone 781-244-5655

If you want to learn more about me, Jim Harrington, browse my posts on Google+ Jim Harrington

Slides to CD Transfer - Business Client Sample

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge MA

United States Department of Commerce
National Institute of Standards & Technology
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Sunday River Productions
Concord MA

National Park Service
U. S. Department of the Interior
Boston, Massachusetts

Texas Children's Hospital
Baylor College of Medicine

Boston University
Boston, MA

Arcturus Motion Pictures Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts

USS Constitution Museum
Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, Massachusetts

Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky

Resource Systems Group
White River Junction, Vermont

Agfa Monotype
Wilmington, Massachusetts

Carrington Architecture
Raleigh, North Carolina

Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Surgery
Towson, Maryland

Historical Research Associates
Seattle, Washington

Tufts Medical Center
Boston Massachusetts

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

University of California
Davis, CA

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
University of California

Berkeley, California

Princeton Evangelical Fellowship
Princeton, New Jersey

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lincoln, NE

River Odysseys West
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Cardinal Health Systems
Munice, Indiana

Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana

Garland, Texas

Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH

The Caldwell Gallery
Manlius, New York

Outer Banks Press
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Colgate University
Hamilton, New York

Heyco Metals
Reading, Pennsylvania

35MM Slide scanning - Mt. Chocora viewed from Route 16 - New Hampshire
Mount Chocorua - New Hampshire
A ~30 year old Kodachrome slide, scanned from Jim's own photo collection.





5/01/2016...Thanks so much for the excellent quality and service.  I have more slides to send you.
Tom K. - Florence Kentucky

2/31/14  "Thank you very much. I received the slides today. They look great!!!  will definitely keep your number handy should we need something like this again!
Crys D - Boston MA

10/27/14 "Everything looks great. I put a check in the mail today.
Katlyn L. Medford Massachusetts

8/19/14 Thanks for the prompt service. I really appreciate it.
Tom K - Vermont

2/23/14 "Jim, Thanks so much for your speedy help with these slides."
Patti R. - Cambridge MA

9/12/13 "The slides and scans arrived today. The scans look terrific.

Will submit your invoice for payment, MIT is usually prompt so let me know if it's taking too long. Thank you for your excellent work".
Tunny L. - Cambridge MA

7/18/13 Hi Jim, I'm happy with the slide scans. I've copied the disks  ( DVD ) and printed some of the files. Thanks,
William R - Southborough MA

5/15/13 I'm impressed with your attention to detail.
Jim K . Colorado Springs Colorado

10/18/2012 "The photos (scans) are great, as usual. Thank goodness you decided to get into this business."
Vince C. - Jacksonville Florida

06/20/2012 Jim thanks so much, slides arrived yesterday and the scans look great, your check is going out today.
Barbara D - Chebeague Isle Maine

03/28/12 "Excellent work & really fast."
Sandra K. - North Kingston Rhode Island

12/18/11 "Thanks Jim.  Scans look great.
Neil F. - Glendale Massachusetts

10/24/11 "Very nice job.  Thank you Jim."
Stuart P - Lebanon New Hampshire

08/04/11 "Hi Jim, just wanted you to know I got my photos tonight and they are great! Thank you so much. I will send you the check in tomorrow's mail.
Jan M. - Hartsdale New York

04/03/11 Jim, Thank you for the quality work and time you put into converting my mother's old slides from the 50's into DVD format. I was able to print photos from the DVD for her as a Christmas gift and she was so pleased with the results. I will keep your business card on file in the event I have more slides to digitize. Thanks again for walking me through the process and answering all my questions. Sincerely,
Linda L. - Gladstonbury Connecticut

11/29/10 Hi, Jim. I just looked at the disks. They are amazingly good! I cannot believe how well they came out. They are all downloaded onto my computer and ready to be made into book form. We had our slides of Peru transferred to disks by another source, and they did not come out well at all. When the holiday season calms down, I will dig them out and send them to you and see if you can work your miracles with them. Again, many, many thanks!
Lee B. - Paris Maine

1/01/10 "My parents enjoyed the DVD's so much." "Thank you for helping us to give my parents a much enjoyed gift."
Kathryn C. - Crockett TX

5/10/09 "Jim, I'm very happy with the scans. I'll be sending more in from time to time as I have time to work on them. Thanks.
Jim S. - Hamburg New York

2/20/09 Jim; The check for my recent order will be mailed from Colorado tomorrow. Thanks for the nice work with my family heirlooms.
Bob B. - Crawford Colorado

1/16/08 I just opened the files. They are just perfect. I appreciate your promptness and ... needless to say the very professional work! I am very satisfied.
Ricardo B. - Sacramento California

9/15/09 I received the order and wish to congratulate you for a job well done.
T.C. George Washington University

0/01/08 Hi Jim, I received the pictures and they look great. Nice work! I sent payment, it will arrive by Friday. I'm looking around in case I have any additional slides to scan.Thanks for your top notch service.
Robin J. - Van Nuys California

9/16/08 "Hey Mr. Harrington, I got the pictures last week, right as we were preparing for the Hurricane. I had a look today and they are brilliant." "Mailing the check as we do have mail service. I will have some more projects. I may need to postpone a little as we recover from Ike."
Many many thanks
Valerie F. - Bellaire TX

6/15/08 "If you're looking for a digital transfer service that does superb work and takes particular care of its customers, you needn't look further than this one. I submitted a number of somewhat underexposed slides for Jim to transfer and received a couple of emails and a telephone call explaining how and why the digital images probably wouldn't be as good as I thought they might be--less detail, less clarity, and so on. When I received the disc (and a refund for half of the charges as an apology for "inferior" results), I was amazed at how beautifully the images had transferred. Obviously I was dealing with a perfectionist, and a very nice one, too. Jim is not the least expensive man in his field, but if you don't mind paying a reasonable price for matchless results, he's your man.
Kevin B. - Howe, Indiana

5/22/08 "Jim, the scans are stellar! Thanks for getting them done and back to us so quickly."
Peter H. - Cortlandt Manor, New York

3/30/08 "I received the package yesterday and everything is in good order. I just watched the slideshow and know the children will enjoy them. Thank you very much. I am sending the check this morning by regular mail."
Sue S. Greensboro, North Carolina

11/23/07 "Thanks and happy Thanksgiving. I've been so pleased with your service.
Dorothy P. - Palm Beach Florida

3/6/008 Hello Jim! I was quite pleased with your service as well as the prompt processing. I was glad to see that so many were able to be recovered. Some it appears were not that great originally! I only viewed them on a light table so it was a bit tuff to sort them.

Will put a check in Friday's mail for the balance. I'll be passing your info to my neighbor in hopes that he too can avail himself of your expertise!
Dennis M. - Lawrence Michigan

1/30/08...finally had time to look over the new images. Fantastic! Thank you so much for your time. I am really happy with the product and will use your services again.
Kim L. - Milbrea, California

9/22/07 "Thanks again for your excellent and highly professional work on this. I really can't thank you enough - the project would not have happened without you.
Sandra M. - New York, NY

08/13/07 "I have looked at the slide scans very carefully and they look terrific. Thanks for a great job."
Gordon P. - Edgartown, MA - Martha's Vineyard

5/10/07 The slides look great! Thank you so much. I'll put a check for the balance in the mail tomorrow!
Nicole L. - KaPaa, Hawaii

3/23/07 "The slides and DVDs arrived. They are phenomenal. I still haven't looked at the enhanced images yet! They all look so good that as soon as I can I'm going to send you slides of the images that I had scanned myself previously, because yours are so much better than mine.
Sarah S. New York, NY

4/01/07 "Hi Jim, We received them yesterday and they are FABULOUS! I am very excited! The check went in the mail today. THANK YOU!
Carol C. - Clinton, MASSACHUSETTS

03/07/07 "I was very happy with your work and expect to continue sending you projects from time to time." "Thanks very much for your fast turnaround. The postman dropped it off Saturday. I just bought a laptop (Dell Inspiron E-1505) and your DVD was the first disc I inserted! Will be putting your check in the mail and will very likely be sending more slides this week. Stay warm! This weather is brutal! Best regards,"
Jim D . - Somerdale, NJ New Jersey

01/12/07 "DVD looks good. Check is in the mail. Thank you for a good working relationship these past couple of years. 100% of our slides are now safely converted to digital. Thank you for a great service and great "customer relations".
Do you have any recommendation for anyone who works with converting 8MM movie film to DVD?
Richard L. - Waltham, MA

1/06/06 Jim, Thank you for a job well done. The pictures look great!" "I still have more slides at home. I'll give you a call when I ready to have them scanned.
Jennifer M. - Oakland Township, Michigan

8/23/06 Hi, Jim. Thanks very much for the terrific job you did scanning my slides. The results are just what I wanted for our reunion. Once I make a slideshow, I may have more for you. Thanks again
Edward S. - Arlington, Massachusetts

8/05/06 Jim,Thanks for your work! I'd like to comment that it is of truly breathtaking quality.
Johannes G. Ph.D. Pasadena, California

The scans are impeccable. Will be sending a check to you promptly. Thanks again.
Mike D. - Menlo Park, California

Jim, the slides & DVD arrived today. I just finished viewing them and the look great! Thanks so much for the
terrific job and very prompt turn-around. I will happily recommend you to others."
Nancy K. Penfield, NY

I received the DVDs... I loaded the DVDs onto my computer and ran a slide show. The pictures are great. Thanks for the fine job. I sent you a check this afternoon for the balance. Hope to get another package off to you in March."
Thanks, Vince C. Jacksonville, Florida

10/22/05 "Thank you for the slide scans-to a usable form. The photos are wonderful and I'm excited about using them.
Bonnie s. - Haines, Alaska

8/5/05 They (the scans) look great -- thanks a lot! You should have received my check by now, and add me to your list of highly satisfied customers.
Armand M. - Seattle, Washington

9/24/04 "You are one good person to do business with !"
Howard R. - Miami, Florida

5/22/05 "I was excited when I got to view the photos from the '70s now I can easily share those photos with those old friends! I was amazed to see the color saturation in the one washed out (over exposed) photo which I sent. The scan is better than the original in terms of color! I am very satisfied with the quality of the scans . . . and with the speed at which the order was completed. Check will be mailed on Monday. Thanks again for your high quality and rapid service!
Ed C. - Milton- Freewater, Oregon

1/27/05 "Everything looks great - thank you. I was really impressed with the quality of the work and amazed by the speed with which I received my order. The transition to power point went beautifully." "Thank you so much for your help with this. Your check is on the way."
Deborah M. - DVM, MS - Illinois

06/30/04 "Your commitment to keeping your customers satisfied is admirable, increasingly rare and worthy of imitation."
Alan A. - Yardley, Pennsylvania

12/14/04 " Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Everything was better than I had hoped." "The check is in the mail. The next batch will come in a month.
Lore H. - Wafford Heights, California

10/05/04 "...the pictures look great..." "I mailed off your check this morning. Thanks for the special effort to include jpg versions and for your thorough, professional work.
Norm G. - Honolulu, Hawaii

10/21/04 "You did good work. I'll put the check in the mail. Thanks so much for professional and conscientious job."
Nancy J. - Alexandria, Virginia

7/19/04 "The old wedding slides you scanned for my friend's 50th anniversary celebration were outstanding. The pictures were crystal clear and the colors were so vibrant! I used them in the iMovie video presentation that I created for them on my Macintosh. They were perfect. Thank you so much for working so hard to make these unusual slides usable."
Terry H. - Pennsylvania

3/9/04 "Thank you so much for transferring my old slides into digital. You did a great job."
Leila S. - New York City, New York

4/29/04 "Jim, Great job scanning our slides! Having the (free) PowerPoint version was really helpful as well.
John C. - Waltham, MA

3/27/04 ..." just finished looking over the 168 slides that you scanned for me. To say I am thrilled would be an understatement. Your work exceeds my wildest expectations! The check will be in the mail today and I will be getting you another shipment of 200 to 300 slides within the week."
J. Smith - Houston, Texas

3/7/04 "I am so pleased to have the 35 MM slides in a format that is easily retrievable. Thank you so much for doing a great job for me and my future generations. I will definitely recommend your services..."
Pat Silva - Los Angeles,

03/20/03 - "I received the digital slides last night. The pictures are fantastic. I couldn't be happier. The quality is much better that the original. I will mail you a check for the balance tomorrow."
Al B. - Mobile, Alabama

"A couple of Marines found me after 35 years to share their memories of my brother, Ron Moore, who was killed in Viet Nam. They wanted copies of any pictures I owned. I had over 300 35 mm slides and it would have been too costly to get negatives and reprints made. Then I stumbled across Jim's website and the miracle happened. In a weeks time, I now have CD's to send to the several Marines who requested one, and the quality of the pictures are absolutely amazing.. and I can print them! Jim's expertise and professionalism is almost surpassed by his kindness, personal caring and attention to detail. I would recommend his service to anyone interested in wanting to preserve and share those lifetime memories at a really affordable price. I would never have shipped my slides all the way from Houston to Massachusetts if I didn't trust that I would receive the excellent results and I am truly pleased. Sincerely,
Mary Moore Jackson - Houston, Texas

2/16/14 "Dear Jim, Thank you for the wonderful job.  The photos came out so much clearer than I expected.  The slides were well ordered.
Larry K - Brookline Massachusetts

04/08/14 "Hi Jim,
I was in CT yesterday and just got back and opened the package you sent.
Very nice work. Thank you. I'll send the check out today. Thank you. I will be sending more work your way.
Dick B. - Byfield MA

10/6/13 "Jim, The slides and the DVD of the scans arrived safe and sound.
I have opened all the files......I am amazed. Quality, quality work!!!
I will sit down in a bit and write you a check.
Best regards from a very satisfied customer.
Dave R.  - McKinleyville California

08/04/13 "Thank you - these are great!
Charlotte H - Dartmouth MA

6/26/13 " The scans are lovely. I am putting the check in the mail today. Thank you,
Linda D. - Thetford Vermont

12/06/12 I'm really pleased with the work you did. I've given your information to Ingrid ******she may call you.

08/23/12 "..."just wonderfull"
Marion R. Rhinebeck New York

07/19/12 "Jim FedEx delivered the package. Your work is spectacular.  I don't know how you tweaked those Nikon scanners but the scans look great.  I look forward to working with you in the future. Terrific job!"
Mark J. - Waverly PA

5/20/12 Hi Jim, Thank you. I received the package yesterday. Nice job.
Cheryl B. - Randolph Massachusetts

9/02/11 "Jim, The slide conversion is fantastic. They all look great. Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job and for doing it so quickly. Have a great Labor Day weekend.
Ralph V - Boston MA

"Hi Jim, Thank you for the DVDs; they are better than I expected. I will send you a check for the balance on Monday...."
Agatha H. - Brighton Massachusetts

5/26/11 Everything was fine and the lecture went well.  Thanks for your good and prompt work.
Peter R.  - Boston Massachusetts

2/19/11 "Thanks again Jim. I am so pleased! They came out better than I thought they would."
Linda L. - Gladstonebury CT

1/11/11 "Just wanted to let you know that the slides were perfection. I mailed the check last week."
Valerie F. - Bellaire Texas

09/24/10 "Thank you so much Jim. They look just great!"
Debra R. - Wakefield Rhode Island

5/1/10 "I appreciate your fine work."
Dick H. - Camarillo California

10/15/10 "Jim, Thanks for the quick turn around on the slide scans. Unbelievable, I received the cd and slides yesterday! They came out GREAT! You did a wonderful job..." "...they are fantastic. I plan on putting them on my website. Will recommend you to anybody needing your services. Again many THANKS!"
Gene R. - Brattleboro Vermont

5/27/10 "Jim I amd very pleased with your work & excellent communication. I will get busy next week on organizing the next batch. Thank you.
Carol O. - Leesburg virginia

1/29/10 "The first box arrived yesterday and the family enjoyed looking at all those old pictures. A check went in the mail today."
Brian M. - Needham MA

9/27/09 "Jim, I am so happy with the quality of these pictures! They are beautiful, and I am so happy that I had you do this as they are very precious to me. Thank you so much for such quality work! They were worth every penny! I will highly recommend your service."
Jane D. - Pitsburgh PA

7/5/09 I got the slides and was very pleased. I shipped you a check on Monday, and I am packing up about 200 or so slides to send a long as a second order.
Ellen W. - New York, NY

3/20/09 Hi Jim, I received the slides and scans the other day. Haven't had a chance look at them all yet but the ones I did see look great. Thank you so much.
Jon Y. - Kittery Maine

10/28/08 Hi Jim, I received the scans today - thank you for a very quick turnaround. I have sent the final $59.46, it should arrive Monday. Thanks again,
Robin. J - Van Nuys California

8/23/08 "Jim, Thank you for doing such a professional and efficient job with less than perfect slides. They are wonderful; they turned out better than I had hoped." You do great work"
Jean-Marie S. - Washington DC

06/10/08 "Good Afternoon Jim,The pictures were delivered about 3pm today and they are WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for doing such a great job. These all represent cherished memories and your fine work has made our family album complete.
I have the check ready to drop in the mail tomorrow morning...""Thanks again for a job well done.
Your friend in TEXAS,
Bobby S - Austin TX

5/22/08 Dear Jim: Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with your work. I had over 90 painting slides which I needed converted to disc and you did them all in a perfect and timely manner. Now I have the format I need to help set up my first web site. Thanks again.
Lynda B. - Los Angeles California

2/29/08 Hi Jim - I just returned from California. Looked at the discs and think they came out great. I just faxed the invoice to our Treasurer and she is putting a check in the mail tomorrow.
Thank you!
Marjorie M. - Millstone Township, New Jersey

4/20/08 Hi Jim, The slides came on Thursday, and the digital versions look terrific. Thanks so much for your great work. I'll be getting payment out this week.
Eliza C. - Northampton, MA

2/5/08 Jim, Just back from Alaska. The scans of the slides turned out great. Thank you very much. I'm putting a check in today's mail to you.
Steve F. National Park Service
Fort Collins, Colorado

2/01/08 ...got the slides yesterday and everything looks great. I mailed
your check today. I will continue to go through my slides and
will send another batch in the near future.
Tom F. - Houston, Texas

2/21/07 ..."wanted to let you know how wonderful the slides turned out! I was extremely pleased with the fast turn time and being able to give this as a Christmas present . Payment was sent out yesterday. Thanks for all your efforts in what you do! Its great to have people that take pride in what they do, it definitely shows in the final product."
Kaci S. - Corinth Texas

12/05/07 Thanks for the great job you did with our slides. I don't think we will have any more orders for a while, but I am recommending your services to all the people I know who have slides.
Tony H. - Newton, MA

10/24/07 "The DVD's, scans and slides are perfect. I was able to create an heirloom photo book within days, thanks to you.
Tom T. - Cambridge, MA

6/02/07 Thanks very much! The photos look great and your service was very fast and careful.
Erin C. - Princeton NJ

9/18/07 "Jim,Great job with my slides. The students in South Africa will appreciate them. I'm running out of time, so I'll wait to give you some more until I return in early November. "
Randy B. - Cambridge MA

05/18/07 Jim, I got the slides..."The scans are impeccable and certainly attest to your good reputation. A check for the balance is in the mail - my postman picked it up today at noon, despite the monsoon, so I hope you get it in a couple days. Thank you ever so much for the quick good work."
Tom T. - Cambridge, MA

02/24/07 "Thanks very much for your prompt service. The quality of the images are much better than we expected. The slides were shot between 1977 and 1981 and brought back fond memories. The kids will enjoy viewing their mother before she was a mother. We mailed the check today.
Cary T. - The Woodlands, Texas

2/03/07 "Jim you did a terrific job digitizing my old slides. My wife and I are very impressed.
Rudy L. - Concord, Massachusetts

1/07/07 " Have not been through all the slides yet but have been very happy with what I've seen so far. Can't wait to see the next batch!
David W. - Needham, Massachusetts

12/03/06 "Jim, Thank you for your outstanding work with my slides. My daughter will really appreciate seeing them!
Marcia C. - Findlay, Ohio

10/07/06 “Thank you for doing so well my with ancient , 35mm transparencies. Because of you these images have a chance to live again and represent my paintings going back 5 decades." "...will be sending DVD and CD duplicates to the Archives of American Art, a division of the Smithsonian Institute.” ... "Will readily recommend you to my artist, curator, gallery friends.
Paul H. - Brentwood, Tennessee

10/01/06 "You did everything you promised and much more!! The slides turned into digital files and then into wonderful, improved, cleaned-up files as well. Many thanks for your professional and quick performance. I'm picking out more slides now.
Burt L. East Brunswick, NJ

Jim... spent the last hour or so picking through and reliving many memories, some happy, some sad. Ah...the curse of pictures."
"Very pleased with the work. Some of the (original)slides, I know were very washed out and
I'm so happy with the enhancements you were able to make."

I entrusted my "life's work" of practically 2000 slides to some guy in Saugus MA (where in heck is Saugus I wondered?). Well, it turned out to be one of my better life decisions.

Thanks so much Jim for allowing me to preserve so many memories.
Robert F. - New York City, NY

1/15/06 " Thanks Jim, I'm very happy that I chose you for this job. Many thanks for your dedication to perfection."
Al R. - Palm Beach, Florida - Burlington, Vermont

1/8/06 "... will be forwarding out a check Monday. The slides came out great. Most were from 52', 61' and 65' so I got to look back 50 years. Thanks for the great work. Now I've got a lot of photos that I need to get converted to digital."
David S. - Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

9/8/05 "I am very pleased with the way they came out. Not bad for slides over 40 years old which have been moved from place to place. I will put the check in tomorrow's mail."
Frank M. - Mechanicsville, Virginia

8/16/05 "Your work is simply marvelous. ... did not think they would transfer this well. I will send 500 more slides off to you, sending you a final order of another 600 a week after that! Thanks for your fine work and professional handling of our cherished family memories...will recommend you to my friends.
Chuck D. - Los Angeles, California

8/05/05 "Jim, Many thanks for the quick turnaround and the additional work. "
John W. - Peabody, Massachusetts

6/15/05 "Jim, Thank you for your help with the slides. Everything worked beautifully. My other slide projects have been put on the back burner for now. I look forward to working with you in the future."
Jerry B. MD - San Francisco, California

"There's a tremendous amount of trust involved when sending family photos off to be scanned. I sensed you were trustworthy from the get-go but, as we all know, there's no telling what you'll get get when you're dealing with someone long-distance. I'm glad I went with my gut-feeling. Not only did you provide top-notch scans that I'll be proud to share with my family,
you returned the slides more carefully packed and protected than when I sent them to you. Thank you for taking the time to so carefully clean, scan and care for these family heirlooms of mine."
Peter K. - Seattle, Washington

5/24/05 "Jim, Thanks so much. Your service & attention to detail is incredible. Looking forward to using your service more & referring folks to you.
Jason K. - Seattle, Washington

1/15/05 "Got them today. Very pleased."
"I took those pics about 20 years ago..."Very impressed with color and clarity..." "I'll send you a check on Monday."
Peter D. - North Granby, Connecticut

11/13/04 "Jim, thanks so much. The scans are printing great w/o Photoshop. I will be returning business without any doubt. They are the best I've had done."
Matt N. - Jackson, Wyoming

11/15/04 " Jim: Thanks again! As always, your slide scans look great and your service is prompt.
Chuck M. - Naples, Florida

5/15/04 "Thanks for converting the slides to TIFF/JPG files. They are better than I expected, due to the age of them. I really appreciate your services. Should I have any more slides to convert I will definitely use your services."
Jack H. - Georgetown, Texas

7/08/04 "It took only 4 days from the time posted to the time received in return - very fast by any standards. We are quite pleased with the results..."Thank you so much for your thorough, easy and fast service. We hope to be able to refer others to you. Thanks again."
Thomas D. - Cumberland, Rhode Island

9/16/03 - "I had high expectations and the scans exceeded them all. I couldn't be happier and you can expect to see a lot more work from me in the future. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know who wants excellent scans at excellent prices. I mailed your check this morning. Thanks for the prompt attention to my order and the great customer service."
Dave W. - Sun Prairie, WI

3/16/03 - "Thanks again for the excellent quality scans of my slides and for your prompt and friendly service. I'll definitely contact you in the future if I need more slides scanned."
Michael W. - Hilo, Hawaii

"I had over 1,000 old and deteriorating 35MM slides from my childhood that I had not seen in over 30 years. Jim worked some magic on them, and now I have memories that that will last for generations. He was terrific to work with, constantly in communication, delivered on what he promised, and did it on time. Thanks Jim!"
John B. - Great Falls, Virginia

Here is the reply a customer got when he wrote to one of my other customers for a reference on my slides to digital conversion services.

From a vantage point no longer available, this image was made from the roof of the World Trade Center.  The Empire State Building and surrounding Manhattan are shown.  The digital version was made from scanning a 35mm slide.

Things to consider

  • Jim understands the value of your slides and will handle them with extreme care.
  • Uncompressed tiff format, the industry standard, is standard here. The versatile jpg format versions are included at no extra charge.
  • Your images can be delivered as both enhanced and non-enhanced versions, if requested prior to the start or your order.
  • Jim scans to tif format even when you request only jpg. Jpg versions aren't created until after any edits (like rotation & enhancements) are complete. This results in "single-save" higher quality jpg scans.
  • Only top quality, brand name recordable CD - ROMs and DVDs are used, never bargain brands.
  • Some newer DVD players will display jpg files on your TV from CD-R!
  • Saugus Photos Online is a home-office-based business.
  • If requested, Jim e-mails you when your order arrives and ships.
  • Nikon slide scans are superior to the older Kodak Photo CD ( PCD ) format.
  • If JPG format is requested, files are never over-compressed to fit more per CD-R.
  • Prices include rotation, where needed, to display the top at the top.
  • Red-Eye is removed, in most cases, at no charge
  • No extra charge for Digital Ice GEM or ROC at any resolution.
  • No extra charge for Digital Ice Dust and Scratch removal option at any resolution.
  • A large percentage of orders received are from repeat customers.
  • The only people who read this entire page are me and some competitors ;-)
  • No search engines are paid to list this page. It ranks well on its own merit.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is Jim's primary goal.

Frequently Asked Slide Scanning Questions

Your satisfaction with this slide scanning service is my first priority. If you're not satisfied, let me know and I'll do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction, including a full refund!

The guarantee to does not apply to scans made from under-exposed or very dirty slides. If your order includes under-exposed slides resulting in unusable scans, in most cases you are not billed for those.

I guarantee that your CDs or DVD will be computer readable upon receipt. I don't guarantee the shelf life or durability of CDs and DVDs. The more copies of your image files you have, the lower your chances of loosing them. Copying your scans to your computer's hard drive should be the first thing you do upon receipt.

I retain a temporary back-up copy of your scans on my computer after shipping. These will be deleted within 30 days or less. It is your responsibility to back-up your image files. Your digital image files should be copied to you computer's hard drive first thing, then disks should be stored in a safe place. Disks should be duplicated!.

PowerPoint presentations can be included with your order if you request the PowerPoint pricing option. The extra PowerPoint pricing is for scanning slides in sequence, the presentation itself is not guaranteed. It is expected that you, the user, may need to edit PowerPoint presentations.

    I've seen lower prices for converting slides to digital photos. Why should I pay your price?

You'll find a big range in the per-scan pricing if you search the Net for slide scanning services. Some film scanning services set up in the US, but ship the work to other countries for lower labor costs. As a result, some of the larger US based scan service providers have drastically lowered their prices to compete.

I don't target the sector of the market seeking the lowest price.

It's understandable that someone with thousands of slides to scan may need a lower price. If the lowest possible cost is your first priority, this might not be the best service for your needs. I often direct callers, who need lower prices, to other scan service providers I trust.

If you see competitors offering different levels of service, be aware that the service level here is always top notch. When comparing pricing, make sure you compare my prices to the competitor's best level of service.

Most family slide collections contain a substantial percentage of frames which are too dark or have a strong color casts. You should be aware that most images made from converting slides to digital will require post-scan improvements to look their best.

To accommodate the needs of customers who are capable of making their own digital image enhancements, I can provide a non-enhanced price if requested. Call for details. 781-244-5655.

Less-than-perfect slides often result in disappointing scans... even after improvements are made to the digital images. The right improvements to your digital slide scans can make all the difference in your overall satisfaction with your project.

I don't use automated processes (done by the scanning software) to correct color or improve shadows. One is known as ROC™ (restoration of color). Automated image correction can leave your digitized images with an over-saturated, unnatural look. The results of using automated color correction can be unpredictable, depending on the original slide.

All color balance and over/under exposure adjustments are done individually and only as needed, using Adobe Photoshop CS5. This method results in more uniform image quality and improved customer satisfaction. It also adds time to a slides-to-digital project.

All enhancements to your scan are done while the images are in TIF format.

Be aware of the following procedures I follow which other slide digitizing service providers might not. Many of these factors add substantial time to a film scanning project.

  • Full payment is not required until you have received and reviewed your entire order. (First time customers may be required to pay-in-full before order is shipped.)
  • I do all the work involved in scanning and shipping of your irreplaceable slides. The work is not done by hired employees. All work is done in the USA.
  • Because dark and color-shifted slides look MUCH better after enhancement...
  • Every scan is reviewed on a 24" LCD monitor and...
  • As needed, if you choose enhanced price option, scans are enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS5 to:
    • improve brightness of darker images without ruining highlights
    • improve color balance from color cast or faded slides
    • clone out easily fixed flaws on your film
    • remove "red eye" as needed (Not possible on blurred slides)
  • With the experience of countless thousands of slide scans reviewed and enhanced, I've developed a trained eye for improving 35MM transparency film scans
  • You are not billed for unacceptable scans from very blurred or very dark slides when you choose the enhanced price option
  • I have the skill and software to improve dark slides you might have thought of as hopeless.
  • Image files remain on my system until you receive and verify your disks (usually at least 30 days)
  • Uncompressed tif is the standard format I convert 35MM slide film to
  • All slides scanned are initially saved as TIF format so that when rotation and or editing is done, there will be no quality loss from re-saving a jpg. If the customer has requested jpg, the edited tif files are converted to jpg and then disks are recorded.
  • Jpg versions can be supplied, in addition to tiff at no additional charge
  • Original scans and enhanced versions can be provided, if requested
  • Kodachrome film is scanned separately from other film types because, when Digital Ice is applied to a Kodachrome scan, with a non-Kodachrome film setting, fine detail can be obliterated
  • Every effort is made to complete and return your order ASAP.
  • Only quality, brand name recordable CD - ROMs and DVDs are used, never bargain brands.
  • Customized orders are available to meet your specific needs
  • Free plastic slide storage boxes are provided
  • Your return shipping cost are my actual costs, no handling fees apply
  • Return shipments can be insured if requested
  • I provide a full, 100% satisfaction guarantee on every scan

To those with very large scanning projects, consider a small test batch of slides to make sure the provider you choose will deliver the image quality and service level you deserve.

    How should I ship my order to you?

    Please call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 before shipping your film.

    Have the Adobe PDF reader? Print the order form. Fill it out and include it with your slides. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, no problemo, just...

    Include a note indicating: resolution (DPI), your shipping address, phone number, e-mail address and the exact number of slides shipped (or an estimate)

    Drop -off, pick-up orders are by appointment only. Full payment is required for pick-up orders and a 6.25% Massachusetts sales tax applies for all orders shipped within Massachusetts. Pick-up orders require cash payment in full.

    Orders are accepted from within the United States only. Orders requiring return to a post office box will not be processed unless arrangements are made in advance.

    I prefer to receive slides stacked and bundled as opposed to in plastic sleeves or in slide projector trays. Slides in aluminum jackets ( Airquipt projector magazine ) must be removed from the jackets prior to shipping. If your slide mounts are thick plastic or glass encased, please let me know in advance.

    35MM slide mold fungus water damagedI will not to scan slides which are excessively dirty , moldy or in water damaged mounts. If your slides are not in good condition, please tell me before shipping. Here is an extreme example of a slide with mold or fungus. I will not attempt to clean or scan slides in this condition.

    If your slides or the boxes they are in a have a strong smell of mold, I don't want them!

    FedEx or UPS is strongly advised. If you use USPS, at a minimum I recommend USPS Priority Mail.

    One order in a small box, shipped to Massachusetts from California using United States Postal first-class mail took 12 days to arrive. Therefore, if you must use the US Postal service, please use Priority Mail at a minimum, which claims 2-3 days to most areas.

    The longer any package is in the hands of any shipping service, the greater its chances of getting lost or damaged. Insurance is recommended on USPS shipments.

    Use oversized boxes with adequate padding. Every slide should be well protected from moisture and crushing.

    DO NOT SEND SLIDES IN CARDBOARD ENVELOPES ! Envelopes do not provide enough protection from moisture and the crushing forces encountered during shipping.

    Here is a good example of  why you should not use envelopes.

    Please don't send slide trays or carousels unless that is agreed to in advance. Please remove slides from plastic sheets.

      How do I pay you?

    By check or money order made payable to Saugus Photos Online. For pick-up orders, cash is required for payment. Orders shipping within Massachusetts and pick-up orders will be billed 6.25% sales tax. Orders over $200.00 or 200 scans require at least a 1/3 deposit with slides.

    How can I arrange my slides to make the slides to CD process easiest for you?

    If you notice your film to be extremely dusty you could use a soft, clean brush to loosen the debris. Let me know if you do this.

    Is your slide projector broken? If so, a magnifying slide viewer might take the pain-in-the-neck out of sorting your slides.

    The process will be smoother at this end if you sort slides by film type and or mount type. Slides with similar labels should have all the labels oriented the same way. All slides must go through the scanner with the long side down.

    In order to take full advantage of the Digital Ice dust and scratch removal option, consider separating the the Kodachrome slide film from the other film types. The Digital Ice option for Kodachrome slide film requires a special setting.

    What is the Return shipping charge?

    Exactly what I pay for shipping. Why would anyone charge more? USPS and FedEx supply me with free shipping materials. For orders less than 1 pound shipping charges start at abou $5.25 using United States Postal Service Priority Mail, with delivery confirmation. If you choose USPS, please let me know if you'd like insurance on the return shipment.

When will you ship my order back?

Due to increased demand for my services, as of February 2009, average in-house time is 1-2 weeks. Large orders over 800 slides may take longer.

Most of my customers are not in a rush and that is good.

If your need your 35mm slides digitized in a hurry, let me know. A rush processing fee may apply.

  • 35MM Slides to PowerPoint?

    Some slides needing conversion scanning for PowerPoint presentations have content, text charts and graphics example, very close to the slide mount border. This has resulted in the need for custom cropping of many slides after the scans are made. Because of this, all scans for use in Power Point may contain a small black border. Read on...

    If your digital slides will be used in Powerpoint, use a black background on your Power point slides when importing your images. This allows a bit of your slide mount to be included in the scan, ensuring all is captured. The black border becomes invisible against the black background in your Powerpoint presentation slide.

    If your slides are photographs only, not text, line art or graphics, the border can be cropped even when PowerPoint is needed.

    Which image format is best? Why is jpg not recommended as the only format to receive?

    TIFF format is recommended for professional archiving and printing of slide film based digital images. There are at least 4 compression methods for TIFF. Jim never compresses TIFF format scans. Be sure your computer has adequate power before ordering 64 + MB, 4000DPI scans.

    Need both formats for convenience? Jim can supply images as tif and jpg files at no additional charge. If you'd like jpg copies of your files included, indicate that on the order form.

    JPG format may be adequate for viewing images on a computer or DVD slide shows. Professionals, who want the highest quality 35MM film scans, always request TIFF format. As mentioned above, jpg files can be included with your tiff files at no additional charge.

    All orders are scanned and initially saved as TIF's so that when rotation and or editing is done, there will be no quality loss from re-saving a jpg. If the customer has requested jpg, the edited tif files are converted to jpg and then CD's are recorded.

    Some might be tempted to go with only jpg format for reduced file sizes, fewer CD's etc. Those experienced with digital imaging understand why jpg is not recommended as a master copy. If you're serious about archiving images, TIF is strongly advised. Do it right the first time!

    JPG files sizes are smaller, but detail, color depth and sharpness are always lost, in varying amounts, depending on compression factor settings. If you want to touch up a JPG file, with each edit/save cycle, the image quality deteriorates further.

    It should be noted that jpg files can be converted to tif and then edited without further loss but, they will not have the same fidelity as files initially created as tiff.

    Image files are saved in RGB color space.

    What if my Kodachrome slides are old and in poor condition?

    Most old slide film has dust, specks and other fine debris stuck to the film surface. When the film to be scanned is not Kodachrome, Digital Ice can do an amazing job at removing these specks.

    The outdated version of Digital Ice was not compatible with Kodachrome. It caused blurring and loss of detail.

    The new version of Digital Ice, Digital Ice4, combined with the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED scanner, allows the dust and scratch removal option to be used on Kodachrome with minimized blurring and loss of detail. Unfortunately, when this new version of Ice is used with in conjunction with a Kodachrome film setting, the dust and scratch removal is only partially successful at removing large specks.

    Some of my slides are dark or under-exposed. How will the scans from those slides look?

    Hold your slides up in front of a daylight-lit window. Are they bright and vivid? Are the darker details difficult to distinguish? Are there too many words beginning with D in the last sentence?

    The best scans come from properly exposed slide film. Many old cameras under-exposed slide film subjects due the simplicity or inaccuracy of light meters. Inadequate flash is often a cause of under-exposed film. Another cause of under-exposed subjects is a bright background, usually the sky or snow. Exposure levels are more critical with slide film than with print film, especially with Kodak Kodachrome slide film.

    The quality of a film scanner is often measured by how much detail it can reveal in the shadows and darkest parts of an image. The Nikon scanner I use claims a dynamic range of 4.2 and will extract more from your film than lower quality scanners but...

    When under exposed slides are scanned, the resulting scans can be unacceptable. Scans of under-exposed slides will not not reveal the same amount of detail as projection of that slide. This is even more of a problem with Kodachrome film, its emulsion is very dense. Kodachrome is great film but not the best for scanning. Most projectors use powerful bulbs, 300 watts or higher. Don't expect under-exposed slides to result in great scans.

    It is possible to improve the appearance of scans made from dark slides with an image editing program. I brighten dark slides from family slide collections at no additional charge, except when the reduced, NO-EDITS pricing is chosen.

    Most digital image files made from scanning film will look their best after adjustments are made.

    How will viewing a slide scan on a monitor compare to viewing a projected slide?

    Projecting 35MM slides in a darkened room is the absolute BEST way to view them. It's not reasonable to expect slide scans to look that good, no matter how they are viewed. However, most slide scans look great on a properly adjusted monitor.

    When viewing projected slides, powerful 300W, or higher, projector lamps shine through the film displaying the image with extreme realism, almost as if the observer was viewing the original scene. The brightest highlights and darkest shadows are usually preserved, even with slightly inaccurate film exposures. Slide film scans will not show the same amount of detail as projected slides. With a digital version, the areas of an images which are the darkest, shadows etc, will often show less detail than projecting that same slide. Colors might not be as vivid or saturated in a scan as compared to view a "projected" slide.  Color saturation can be enhanced, post-scan. Frames which were slightly under-exposed by the camera might look acceptable when projected, but often those darker shots result in disappointing scans, even after they are enhanced.

    High-Contrast 35MM Slides

    A typical high contrast slide might be composed of a bright sky with white clouds in the background while the foreground and subject is in overcast or shadow. Bright backgrounds often cause under-exposure of a subject.  Scans made from high contrast scenes on slide film might not capture all the shadow detail, especially if the film is Kodachrome slide film.

    Before scanning slides to CD, do you clean them?

    Yes, if needed. If they appear dusty. Old Kodachrome slides are sometimes brushed lightly with a soft brush, then blown off with low-pressure, compressed air. If your slides are very dusty, it is recommended that you brush both sides of each slide before sending them for scanning. If you brush your Kodachromes, please make a note on the order form. Use only a clean, very soft brush. This will help loosen debris on your slides.

    From the minute your film leaves its canister inside your camera, it is subject to environmental contaminants, moisture, etc. Condensation can leave water spots on slide film. Tiny specks can be an issue when scanning film, especially at high resolution. If you plan on making large prints from your scans, expect to have to clean up the image files before printing.

    Very dirty transparencies will definitely benefit from the Digital Ice dust and scratch removal process. As noted above, Digital Ice does not work as well on Kodachrome slide film as it does with other film types, such as Fuji Provia, Fuji Velvia , Kodak Ektachrome and KODAK ELITE Chrome slide film.

    Brushing and blowing slides off does not remove stains, fingerprints and other tiny debris, which has become stuck to your film over time. Most slides have tiny specks, lines and surface blemishes, especially noticeable in bright, single color areas of the image, like the sky. Small specks are much less noticeable on dark sections of an image. High resolution scanning will reveal the tiniest imperfections on your film. Read here for more information about the Digital Ice dust and scratch removal option.

    Some transparency film types are vulnerable to fungus that eats film emulsion. Old Kodak Kodachrome slides, stored in less than perfect conditions, are exceptionally vulnerable to fungus.

    Slides can become coated with fine debris or stains. Sometimes customers are surprised to find these conditions when viewing high resolution scans of their film. That is why...

    You are urged to inspect each of your slides before shipping! A magnifier or light table won't do it. Projecting them large, and viewing up close, on a white wall (not a rough surface slide projector screen) in a very dark room will help you see flaws and marks on your film. You'll be surprised at how dirty some transparencies are. From experience with my own slides, even transparencies direct from processing labs can be dirty. I won't use the Phoenix, Arizona Fuji film processing lab again.

    Negative film is more prone to scratching than slide film. Digital Ice is often needed when scanning negatives, Kodak color negatives etc.

    Can you scan my slides in order?

    What about grouping?

    Scanning your film based slide presentation in order is especially helpful when you're converting slides to digital for PowerPoint presentations.

    Call Jim if you need a PowerPoint presentation made from your slides. Special arrangements can can be made to scan slides in sequence for PowerPoint.

    Image file names will be assigned by the scanning software. In most cases they are sequentially numbered. Once you copy the image files to your hard drive, you can rename the image files to meet your needs.

    I'm often asked to separate groups of slide scans into folders on the disk, with groups labeled by date for example. In the past I have done this. A recent order of 350 slides was separated into 16 different groups, dramatically increasing the job time. Due to the increased processing times involved, separating slides by groups is no longer an option except in special circumstances. A $5.00 fee per group may apply for each group / folder required.

    Saugus Photos Online
    Slide Scanning Service
    108 Winter St.
    Saugus, Massachusetts 01906
    United States of America
    Telephone 781-244-5655
    Verizon wireless

    Call 7 days-a-week !

    Contact Jim by telephone before shipping your order.
    Please include an
    order form. Please bookmark this page or better yet, print the printer friendly version.

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