Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 1998
Elementary School Winners

First Place

We received only one entry from the elementary school level. This young man who alone in all his age group had the intrepidity to write a story and submit it to be seen by all deserves the highest praise. His name is Brian Venn and is a fourth grade student in the Lynnhurst Elementary School in Saugus.


Brian Venn

It was midnight on a dark Halloween night. Everyone was asleep except me and my friends. We walked to a dark and creepy tower. We went into the tower. Then we went upstairs and looked out the window. We could see most of Saugus from there. We heard the rattling of chains and went down into the cellar to investigate. Down a long winding passageway there was a blinding light, we could not see anything. Then the light went out. We felt our way back up the passageway, out the door and all the way home. Then we could not sleep. The next day we went back but there was nothing left of the tower just a huge rock and some old shackles and chains. We never went back but we never forgot that night.

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