Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 1998
Middle School Winners

First Place

We received just three middle school entries. Our first author in the Middle School category is a young woman named Andrea Secatore, a student of Belmonte Middle School in Saugus.

Scary Story

Andrea Secatore

Boo! Do you like to be scared? I do sometimes, but not the way thirteen year old Sally does to some people. As I recall it was about three years ago in October. Sally was about ten years old, she was in the fifth grade at the Waybright School. Her little cousin Samantha, who liked to be called Sam, was seven. Every day Sam and Sally would walk to and from school together, they lived next door to each other. One morning when Sam went to call for Sally, Sally played the biggest scariest joke on her.

Samantha rang the door bell, and a very strange looking man with a mask on answered the door.

"Hi Samantha", said the man.

"Do you want to play a game with me?", asked the man excitedly.

"Ahh, no um, MOMMY", she yelled as she ran away to her house.

As soon as she got there she told her mom what had happened. Sam's mom told her a little secret about what had happened. She also told her she could scare her back.

The next morning when Sam went to Sally's house, she rang the door bell, then she hid. After a while Sally came out to go to school with her. Sam was still hiding in the bushes with her mask on. When Sally got close enough Sam jumped up and said, "Boo". She scared Sally so bad, that she started to run back into the house.

From then on Sally did not scare anyone, anymore. She knew what it felt like to be really scared.

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