Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 1999
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place elementary school entry was written by third grader Alison Miller. She attends the Walton Elementary School in Wakefield.

The Ghost of Gabriel

Alison Miller

Hi, I'm Candace and let and let me tell you about my encounter with the ghost. It all started when my Mom and Dad went to work today. I'm not quite sure what my parents do for a living but on Saturday they let me stay home by myself. But on Sunday a sitter named Alyssa comes over; she's really nice. Well, about the ghost. Well, I was sitting down on the couch watching TV when I heard it. A low moan, at the moment I thought it was the wind. But the second I got up the stairs I realized what it actually was. I turned around as fast as I could but I was too late there it was, the ghost. I screamed but the ghost zoomed up to me and covered my mouth. "My name is Gabriel." He said. "I'm a good ghost, but if you scream people will worry and I'll never be safe." I was so excited I fell down backwards. But in time I got up and said "Gabriel, I want you to meet someone, follow me." I ran down to my friend Frances's house with Gabriel close behind. When we got there Frances opened the door. "Hey, Francie" I half-whispered, "Meet Gabriel." I stepped aside so she could see him. But when she did she shrieked. I covered her mouth and told her what Gabriel told me. She whispered something in my ear, I nodded with a smile on my face. Then we ran to her garage and got out her and her two brothers' bikes. Frances rode her bike while me and Gabriel rode her brothers' bikes. While we were riding down the street neighbors would stare unblinking at the bike going along with no one riding it. After that we were all so tired we went back to our houses Frances with the three bikes and me with Gabriel. Right now I'm in bed with Gabriel. I can't see him but I see the covers over him. I have not told Mom and Dad about him yet but is Alyssa ever going to be surprised to see him if she can tomorrow!

The End

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