Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 1999
Middle School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner in the Middle School category is eighth grader Adrienne Aucoin, who attends the Belmonte Middle School in Saugus.

The Haunting of the Whip!

Adrienne Aucoin

About the 17th century, there was a man named Kitikmeot. He was a slave of the upper class. He was in love with his Master's daughter. One night (October 31) Kitikmoet sneaked into his lover's bedroom.

At first she was startled that he had done such a thing, but then they started talking. Kitikmeot's Master found Kitikmeot sitting next to his daughter talking. The master went and grabbed Kitikmeot, pushed him off the bed. Kitikmeot was already warned about this behavior. The master grabbed Kitikmeot off the floor. He dragged him outside and tied him up.

The master went back into the house and grabbed his whip. He hurried back to Kitikmeot. His wife was lighting torches and putting them into the ground. When the people around them heard the commotion they came up the road worried about what was going on.

When they got there he was just ready to whip Kitikmeot for the first time. All the people gathered around, yelling at Mr. Hollingsworth. Mr. Hollingsworth stood quietly, until everyone was quiet. He announced that the slave had disobeyed. "Death is the consequence," he said. They all stood silently staring at Kitikmeot. The master untied Kitikmeot, and raised his whip to strike Kitikmeot for the first time.

The young children closed their eyes and blocked their ears. The people old walked away. The rest just stood there, some cheering him on, some in tears. The noise was horrifying, the blood flew around when it got on the whip. After Kitikmeot was hit the twentieth time the master stopped and whipped Kitikmeot one last time. Nothing was said, no cheering, and nothing from Kitikmeot! The master went back into the house. Some people ran over to Kitikmeot to see if he was still breathing. Others just left, smiling, saying, "that's what he gets, he should have obeyed.

The story continues to October 31, 2000, the last Halloween till the next century. There was a kid in the eighth grade; it will be his first Halloween in his neighborhood. His name is Bobby Olin O'Bic (everyone calls him Boo because his initials are B.O.O). Boo has brown hair, blue eyes, he's tall, and everyone likes him. His house is huge thirteen rooms. He has lots of friends. When he moved he didn't go to another school. All he did was move to another part of the city. Well, he wanted it to be the best Halloween ever. Since it is the last Halloween of the century. So he planned to have a big party at his house that night.

Boo told his ten best friends about it first. He told them to also ask other people. He said that it was 5:00pm to 12:00am, 22 Kitikmeot street, and to be dressed up. Boo had to go and buy a costume. He made a list but none of them were good. So he called one of his friends, Jimmy. He had blond hair and brown eyes. He was short. He asked him if he had any ideas for a costume. He suggested that he should go as Scream, so Boo went and bought a scream costume.

Boo got back at 4:00pm to set up. Boo setting up is telling his maid what to do! His friends that he called were coming at 4:30pm to see everything and talk about what they wanted to do at the party. Five minutes before his friends got there the phone rang, Boo answered it. It was some guy asking for his Master! "You have the wrong number, I just moved in and now the O'Bics' live here," Boo said "Sorry," and hung up the phone.

Right after that the doorbell rang, it was his friends. Once they all got there they went upstairs to watch TV while Boo got dressed. After Boo was dressed he told them about the odd phone call. They all thought it was very weird, a guy asking for his Master! Jimmy thought it was someone trying to scare him since he was new in the neighborhood.

Three minutes before 5:00pm about twenty-five people were there already. Boo was told that about 50 people were going to be there. More and more people were showing up, mostly in groups. About 6:00pm Boo went to the door and was about to shut it, but Boo saw a boy coming up in a great costume.

Boo couldn't make out who it was. He got to the door, he was black unless it was makeup, and he had on a white, dirty, bloody shirt. It was ripped like he took a knife to it. He had on shoes that I never saw before. It's like they were from the old days. He had some type of pants on, too. Boo asked, "Do I know you? What's your name?"

"Kitikmeot," he answered. He asked if this was the O'Bics' house. Boo shook his head yes.

"How may I help you?" Boo asked.

"Is your father home?" Kitikmeot asked.

"No, do you want me to leave a message?" Boo inquired.

"Well, what about your mother?" Kitikmeot asked.

"No," They're on a business trip, Boo replied.

"Are you their son?" Kitikmeot asked.

"Yes, would like to leave a message?" Boo said.

"No, I will be back later," Kitikmeot said.

"Ok, bye," Boo answered. Boo shut the door and went over to Jimmy. Boo told Jimmy about what just happened at the door. "Down in this part of the city things are going to be odd," Jimmy said.

"Yeah you're right," Boo said. They both went back partying. It was great. Everyone was having a good time. About 10:30pm the phone rang. The maid picked the phone up. She heard a man's voice. He said, "Hello Miss. Is the O'Bic's boy there?"

"Yes, would you like to talk to him?" the maid asked.

"Yes, Miss I would," the man said.

"Please hold on I need to find Boo," the maid said.

She went to find Boo. Finally about five minutes later she found him. "Some guy is one the phone, he would like to talk to you," the maid said.

"THANK YOU," Boo yelled trying to talk over the music. "I WILL BE RIGHT THERE." Boo went right to the phone, picked it up and said "Hello."

"Hello, O'Bic's son. How are you?" Kitikmeot asked.

"Fine thank you. Do I know you? Your voice is familiar?" Boo asked.

"Yes, I talked to you before and we met," Kitikmeot said.

"Were you just at my door?" Boo asked with a choked voice.

"Yes, yes, that was me. I would like to meet you. Will you please go to the farthest point of your property?" Kitikmeot said with a deeper voice.

"Why should I what are you going to do come and hunt me?" Boo said suspiciously.

"BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY, YOUNG ONE!" Kitikmeot said with a low Chloe voice.

"You can't do anything to me, and even if you tried me parents would have everyone after you. You would be dead in two weeks minimum," Boo said proud of himself.

"I have a question for you, how do u kill someone how has already been killed? Midnight be there!" Kitikmeot said. Kitikmeot could hear Boo's voice tremor. Boo said good bye and hung up the phone, Boo was all white.

Boo ran into the other room to tell Jimmy what had just happened. Jimmy and Boo walked upstairs like nothing was wrong. Boo told him about the phone call. He sat there staring at him like he was making it up. Finally, Jimmy sat up and said, "I know that you wouldn't lie to me if it was important. So, I want to know so then we can try to play a trick on the rest of the gang. So are you joking about this?"

"NO, I'M NOT," Boo said, yelling at Jimmy.

"Ok, ok, ok I believe you. Take a chill pill. So he told you to meet him at 12 right?" Jimmy said.

"Yes," Boo said.

"So, we have to form a plan, oh and if you are joking I will kill you myself! So here's what we are going to do, you are going to go where Kitikmeot said he wanted you to go. You will wait about five minutes, then I will come over to you. Ok?" Jimmy asked.

"That's fine. I just don't want to go to meet this guy all by myself," Boo said.

"Don't worry about it, you won't be," Jimmy said. "I'm going to be there too." They went back down stairs to join the party.

Someone yelled out, Let's tell ghost stories." So Boo went to the front of the room and looked for the microphone, He found one and plugged it in. He asked who wanted to go first but no one spoke. Finally about five minutes later someone volunteered. It was about 11:00pm then and Jimmy and Boo wanted to go outside and sit there for a little while to see if we would see this Kitikmeot guy coming.

Boo announced that everyone could stay till 1:00am and if they needed to use the phone there was one in the other room. "I don't want anyone leaving till we find out what this guy is thinking of doing," Boo told Jimmy.

Finally it was 12:00. Boo walked slowly. As Boo walked to he back of the yard, he had a lump in his throat. His eyes were wide open; he wouldn't dare to blink. He got to the back in about ten minutes; he just stood there. Boo's hands were shaking. Boo put his hand into his pocket (he forgot about the sharp kitchen knife that he had in his pocket) and almost slit his hand open Boo jerked his hand out of his pocket as quickly as he could.

Boo saw a shadow from the corner of his eye. He covered his pocket, and looked in the direction of the house and saw another shadow. Boo noticed that is was Jimmy because he ducked down, and pointed in the other direction. Boo glanced the way Jimmy pointed. "It's Kitikmeot. I think it looks like the person that I met at the door," Boo said to himself. He had the feeling that he had a lump in his throat again, but now it was worse. Kitikmeot walked up to Boo. Boo tried to walk away but Kitikmeot just moved closer. Kitikmeot looked the same as when Boo saw him at the door, he had the same clothes on. Kitikmeot took out something from his pocket and lowered it. Boo just stood there, quietly. Jimmy watched Kitikmeot's hand to see if he could figure what was in it; all Jimmy could make out was that it was some kind of a black circular object.

"How do you know me and my mother and father? Do you know my folks at all?" Boo asked Kitikmeot. Kitikmeot was just silent; he was just staring at Boo. Finally Kitikmeot raised his arm and showed the horsewhip that he had been beaten with in the 17th century. Boo's eyes opened wide, Kitikmeot grabbed Boo.

Boo's eyes shut. He saw all the torture that Kitikmeot went through. Boo also saw all the men and women that Kitikmeot had killed. Boo's eyes opened quickly. He just stared at Kitikmeot. Kitikmeot raised his whip as his Master did to him. Kitikmeot stroked Boo softly for the first time. Boo reached into his pocket and was ready to pull out the knife, but then he waited till he was going to strike again.

Jimmy stood up and ran over to Boo (Jimmy didn't have anything to defend himself with except a sharp stick). Kitikmeot raised the whip to strike again, but Boo pulled out his knife and stabbed Kitikmeot. The knife got stuck! Boo couldn't move his feet after seeing what had happened to this man. Jimmy pulled Boo away falling over all the branches.

Kitikmeot knelt down on one knee and tried to pull the knife out, but it wouldn't come out. He got up and started running after Boo. Jimmy gave Boo the stick.

"I'm sorry. I though you were making it up," Jimmy said as they were running.

"Don't worry about it, let's just get ourselves out of this mess," Boo said as he was gasping for air. They both stopped and turned around to see where Kitikmeot was. He was about 20 feet away. "We are going to have to do something. He's not going to go away," Boo said.

"Yeah, your right," Jimmy said nervously. "So what do you want to do?"

"Um? I really don't know right at this point," Boo said exhaustedly. "We need to face him," Jimmy added. So they both stopped and were looking for stuff to help them. Kitikmeot caught up to them both and raised his whip again. To strike both of them, but as Kitikmeot was getting ready to swing, Jimmy leaped to Kitikmeot and grabbed the knife.

Jimmy knocked Kitikmeot off track, and he ended up whipping the tree. Kitikmeot tried to pull the whip back, but it was stuck in between the branches of the tree. Kitikmeot just dropped the whip and went over to Boo. Kitikmeot put his hands around Boo and started squeezing tight. Jimmy went from behind and stabbed Kitikmeot, four times. Kitikmeot just all of a sudden let go and laved there.

Boo just put his head to the ground and gasped for air. Jimmy went over to Kitikmeot and checked to see if he was still living (the only thing is that Boo and Jimmy didn't know that Kitikmeot never had a heart beat). Jimmy went over to Boo thinking that everything was ok. Jimmy helped Boo up and they started back to the house. Jimmy had blood all over himself, and they both were in pain because of the whip but they wouldn't admit it. They were half way back to the house and Boo noticed that Jimmy still had the knife, but thought nothing of it. About a minute later, Jimmy heard other footsteps. Jimmy told Boo to stop for a seconded. Jimmy turned around in a hurry. He didn't see anything at the time so they started walking to the house again. Boo turned around right after Jimmy, but this time Kitikmeot was right in front of him. Boo hit Jimmy on his back. Jimmy turned around fast took the knife and stabbed Kitikmeot. The sky was bright from the full moon, but all of a sudden it was as black, as it could have been. Three minutes later it was as bright as daylight. Boo and Jimmy just looked at where Kitikmeot was standing. There was no one there. "Where did he go?" Jimmy asked.

"I don't know," Boo answered. "Hey, why were you carrying that knife around?" Boo also shoved in there.

"You know all horrid movies the bad guy always comes back alive." Jimmy whispered.

"Let's just go home," Boo said holding his chest.

"That's it?" A chubby 12 year old asked. "Yes, how did you want it to end?" Boo asked his grandson.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe something with more violence, blood."

"Well, lets hear you change the story I'm Listening," Boo said.

Once upon a time in the 17th century...

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