Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 1999
Middle School Winners

Third Place

Our third place winner in the Middle School category is sixth grader Ashley Fritz, who attends the Belmonte Middle School in Saugus.

Scary Story

Ashley Fritz

One day Liz was asked to stay home alone while her mom went to work. Liz was just starting to stay home alone. Of course she said "yes", like any kid would. She also said, "Don't open the door for anyone at all." Liz knew that already, so she said, "I know."

The day came when Liz had to stay home for about five hours. After her mom left for work, Liz called her best friend Jamie and talked to her for awhile. Then, she was hot so she opened a window in the kitchen. She went downstairs for about ten minutes, listened to a CD, got bored and returned upstairs. She went into her bedroom and put on some new chapstick. She left it on her dresser near her bed.

She heard a sound downstairs. She quickly ran down to see what it was. Joe, her cat had fallen from a chair. Liz picked up the chair and was now holding the cat. Since it got cold outside, her chapped lips hurt. She went upstairs to put more chapstick on, since her lips were real sore. Liz put the cat down and went to grab the chapsick, then she noticed that someone or something had put their fingers in it. She had just opened it a few minutes ago.

Liz panicked and did not know what to do. She was about to call 911 when she thought suddenly that she should get out of her room, since the thing might be in the room, right there with her. Liz remembered she left the window in the kitchen open. She ran down and could not believe what she had seen. The window had been pulled up moved and the screen had a huge hole in it. She screamed. She wondered if Joe, the cat had somehow managed to do this. She even wondered if he somehow got to the chapstick and did that too. He did love chapsick!!! She knew that the cat had been with her the whole time.

The time was 8:12 PM. Her mom said to go to bed at 8:00 pm! Liz was so scared, she thought there was a murderer out there waiting to get her. Her mom didn't know what was going on, or did she?

Her mom had been acting very strange lately since her dad left. One morning her mom gave her bacon and eggs for breakfast, but forgot to cook them. Another time her mom sent her outside to walk the cat and locked the door so she couldn't get back in. Liz stayed outside all night. She just thought her mother was mad because her dad left, but now she was thinking that her mom blamed her for dad leaving. Was mom going crazy?

Just then Liz felt something that hurt alot in her leg. She screamed, "Ouch!!". She looked down and saw that she was sitting on the murderer and that the murderer had stuck a knife into her leg. She got up and ran as fast as ever, right out the door and saw that there was only one car in the driveway, her mother's. While she was looking at the car, she felt her mother's warm hand on her back and knew that this would be her last time looking at the car and her mother!

Liz ran and jumped into the car. After a few seconds of silence she saw her mother's face pop up on the windshield. Liz saw that her mother had left the keys in the car, so she started it up and drove the car into a tree and squashed her mother to her death. Liz thought to herself, "how come Dad hasn't called lately?"

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