Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2000
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place entry was written by nine year old Kyle Imperato who is a fourth grader in the Ballard School in Saugus.

Scary Story

Kyle Imperato

One foggy night this kid Johnny was watching TV when he suddenly heard his mother bellow Johnny! What Mom. I need you to run to the store and get me some milk and eggs. Just a second Mom.

He's walking to the store and there's a man at the front of the store. He walked up to Johnny and said do you want my liver. I ripped it out my self. So Johnny said okay, how much is it. How much do you havekid. 5 bucks. All right give me your 5 bucks. Okay, here.

When Johnny got home his mother said can I have my stuff. What is that? Its a guys liver. Go to your room and take that with you. When he went to bed he heard strange noises saying Johnny, I want my liver back. Johnny I want my liver back. Johnny I want my liver back. Johnny I want my liver back. Boooo.

Happy Halloween!

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