Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2000
High School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner in the High School category is ninth grader Bobby Doyle, who attends the Saugus High School.


Bobby Doyle

I was walking through the woods when something grabbed my leg so I started to run. There was a dark shadowy creature figure chasing me. I turned around and the person was wearing a giant black robe that covered everything but his black boots. I thought he was a psycho.

The man disappeared but I was still running. I wouldn't stop running until I got out of the forest and into my house.

As usual, I was late getting home. Normally my mother would scream at me as I got into the house. She would say how I was grounded, but she never stuck to her guns.

That night before I went to bed, I was thinking to myself "Who was that man?" I heard a noise outside, I opened my blind. It was him!! The man who was chasing me in the woods.

I went into my drawer and pulled out my paintball gun, then ran downstairs, peeking out of the front door window. I noticed that he was gone. I felt unsafe in the middle of my yard surrounded my forest so I ran inside and back up to my bedroom before my mother noticed I was gone.

The next morning, I was walking to school at six-o-clock and I heard a sound like crackling leaves. I had just turned the corner while looking backwards and right in front of me was the man in the black robe. He was only two feet away from me!! Still only being able to see his black boots. I hesitated for a moment then I ran right around him. He made no attempt to stop me. I was on top of the school stairs when I turned around and the man started to run at me. I went inside and looked out the window. He was gone!!

I still haven't figured out why he was chasing me or who he was.

After school I was walking home very cautiously. When I got to my door and asked myself "Wow where is he?" I walked into the kitchen. I noticed that the television was on and there were giant blobs of red liquid all over the floor. It was pasta night at my house so I figured it was tomato sauce. I walked over to the counter tops; they were covered in the red sticky liquid too. When I turned around the man in the black robe was behind me with a bloody carving knife and pointed to the corner. There was my mother, a bloody mess!! It looked like she was stabbed ten or fifteen times in the throat, back everywhere. And when I turned around to look at him, he was gone-

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