Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2001
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place elementary school entry was written by Adriana Lopes who attends the third grade at the Franklin School in Wakefield.

The Village of Vanishing Screams

Adriana Lopes

This story is about an eight-year-old girl named Adriana and how she had a special love for the Holiday called Halloween. Adriana was born in the ghoulish month of October and celebrated not only Halloween, which meant crazy tricks and bangs filled with treats, but she also celebrated her birthday with a costume party.

On Halloween night Adriana dressed as a horrible witch. Adriana's hair was twisted and matted with plastic spiders and small rats. Her long, green, nose had a large hairy wart and would have made Pinocchio's look small.

Proud of her witch's costume Adriana went to meet her friends Taylor, Kelsey, and Emma at the end of Bennett Road. After two hours of collecting the sweet treats of Halloween by covering every neighborhood possible in Wakefieldsville, their greed for more candy led them into the dark and scary woods on the edge of town. After many minutes of walking the dark paths they finally came to a small village with many little houses. The village had a strange name called Silence.

Kelsey was the first to run to one of the small cottages and knocked on the old door. The splintered door creaked, then opened and an old woman with long black, dusty, stringy hair and a ragged dress appeared through the darkness. The old woman cackled and invited frightened Kelsey inside for some candy treats. Kelsey shaking stepped into the cottage and the door slammed shut. Taylor, Emma, and I scared looked at each other as we heard a loud scream come from inside the cottage. Then the scream was followed by a scary devil like laugh. Emma, Taylor, and I ran away from the small cottage as fast as we could along the path unable to think what had just happened. We kept running until we saw a strange man who stood about eight feet tall standing on the dark path we were following.

The giant man had a long black beard and a pointy nose with blood red eyes. The strange man wore a black cape and walked slowly to the door of another small cottage. The large man with eyes of glowing red took a big candy bar from behind his back and Emma as if she was hypnotized could not resist the treat and followed the large scary man into the cottage. The rusty steel door slammed shut trapping Emma within the creepy cottage. A loud scream made Taylor and I cover our ears then a horrible deep laugh filled the Halloween night.

Taylor and I began to run through the woods and we hid behind some big pine trees. When I turned to Taylor to ask what we should do Taylor had vanished. I knew I would be next and had to hide deeper in the woods. As I ran for my life through the Halloween darkness I turned around and saw a dark figure in a black cape following me. As I ran faster the black cape came closer. As the black cape got even closer I noticed the person was wearking black and pink boots. I stopped and with my knees shaking I waited for the cape-covered monster.

I remembered those black and pink boots and pulled off the black cape to reveal my friend Kelsey. Kelsey laughed as I ran back to look inside the cottage where Emma disappeared. There stood the old witch like woman with ragged dress and twisted dusty hair and the eight foot man with devil red eyes. I screamed in terror as suddenly Emma and Taylor fell to the floor laughing behind the horrible Halloween monsters. Kelsey laughing also told me that the two Halloween figures were here Dad's robots and that Emma, Taylor and her planned out this Halloween trick to scare me and have some fun.

Well that is my story of Halloween and the Village of Vanishing screams.

So wait until next Halloween my friends for the horrible fun has just begun.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

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