Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2002
High School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner in the High School category is Saugonian sophomore Priscilla Sawin. This is a rare example of a poem winning; usually the prose entries dominate all categories.

Halloween Night

Priscilla Sawin

Look out they're coming
Don't turn around
It just broke the silence. Did u hear that sound?
They're moving much faster and heading for you
Just keep running before they come into view
Your heart is racing and breathing is hard
But you can't stop now
They're only back a few yards
They've been waiting and waiting for this night to come
You are their prey, you are the one
Yelling and screaming can't help u now
No one can hear you and you've fallen down
You can't get up something is holding you still
Pinning you down against your will
Your vision is fading and thankfully so
They're gruesome faces are at you
Where you went, no one will know.
They'll search for you in the morning when they see that you aren't there
It really is too bad that they won't find you anywhere
They won't know that you're gone and you left with such fright
When a full moon was glowing on a Halloween night.

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