Interactive Fiction Option

As with last year, we're offering an interactive fiction option. There will be only one age category for this option (we don't expect too many elementary or middle school entries, so this really shouldn't be a problem). Obviously creating such an entry requires some computer skills in addition to writing skills, so we're not expecting too many entries and hope to make all of them directly accessable online on Although we'll be posting entries, we won't be claiming ownership. Just as with the prose entries, authors retain copyright. In fact, all of the rules are essentially the same as for ordinary prose entries (except where noted). If you're interested in this option but don't know where to start, send us an and we'll provide some pointers.

Following is a sample of interactive fiction for those unfamiliar with the medium. It should be treated as a mostly playable demo that still potentially has numerous bugs, typos, and who-knows-what-else. Please if you find any apparent mistakes. We'll be fixing any mistakes / adding more minor features to this sample as time permits.

It should work with any reasonably modern browser.

Last year's sample is also still online.

Play Below the First Parish Cemetery