Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2003
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place Elementary School story was a collaborative effort by Nicole Luongo and Mikayla Filippone who both attend fourth grade in the Oaklandvale School in Saugus.

The Ghostly, Haunted, Halloween Night

Nicole Luongo & Mikayla Filippone

One Halloween night some kids were Trick or Treating and they saw a spooky castle. They went to the door and pushed the door bell. The door opened and the door bell said "ENTER IF YOU DARE." The kids entered. The door slammed behind them. They ran to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. So, they decided to look around. But then they heard a deep dark voice .It said "HOW DARE YOU ENTER!" Then the lights turned off. They saw white shadows. But then they figured out that they were...

"GHOSTS!" They screamed. Then the clock struck midnight. The ghosts charged after them. They did not know what to do. So, they decided to run! They ran up the cracky, curvy stairs. They hopped into what they thought was a car. But, then it started rolling without any levers. Then it suddenly stopped rolling. They flung into a cage full of children. Ghost guards were levitating around the cage.  And they were singing...


The kids screamed louder then ever. Then they heard the deep voice again. It said "You are crazy. Do you know that kids are yummy?" Then one of the kids were brave enough to speak up and say "we're kids" then, the ghost levitated to him and said "then in that case, WE'L EAT YOU" the ghosts levitated out of the room into the kitchen.  The deep voice ghost was there.

He said to the ghosts, "Spooky boil the water, Boo sharpen the knife, Haunter pre-heat the oven; and Creepy put out the dishes.  The kids listened silently.  They were scared indeed.  The deep dark voice ghost said "kids are you almost ready for supper.  Because we are.  The deep dark ghost levitated back into the kitchen.

The ghost took one kid into the kitchen and said they needed help. They took a second child into the kitchen and said that they needed more help. The feasts for the baby ghosts began. They took five more kids for the ghosts kids. They took several for the ghost teens. The rest of the children were for the main feast which was for the adults. The parents of the kids searched and searched but the kids were never seen again.

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