Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2003
High School Winners

Second Place

Our second place High School winner is Jeffrey M. Roy, a senior in Saugus High School.

Weary Dreams

Jeffrey M. Roy

In my weary dreams darkness surrounded me,

The fire depths of Hell conquered my soul.

The pit of my stomach cringed with fear; tingling all over.

I woke from my horrendous nightmare screaming,

Only to see my reality look me in the blackness of my eyes.

Outside my door there came a creaking, very silent;

A creepy crackling came from the murky hall.

Whiteness covered my face, covering my evident fear.

I stood up; in the darkness staring into blackness.

Terror overwhelmed my soul, for who could it be,

Lurking outside my door?  The candle wick burned red.

My quivering contolled me, but I felt confined somehow,

Until the light illuminated the hellish fortifications around me.

On the wall, smeared in dark blood, bore the Name;

The name of her, that bitch of a wife; to hell she went.

Was it true that she, that filthy dead rat, was here alone,

Coming back for what she never took from me before.

My hand wrapped itself around the cold doorknob,

Sweat was running down my blue veins with dread.

Outside I looked, but nothing was there to be seen, just black;

The horrible blackness of night that haunts my lost soul.

I walked slowly, very slowly, down the never ending corridor;

It seemed endless.  The walls were closing in on me.

My legs locked in fear; I ceased to breathe the bitter air,

As she swept across my blackened eyes like a feasting beast.

I just stood shocked, looking into her eyes,

Red as the fires of hell and as thick as oozing blood.

Around her neck was blue; the rope still wrapped tightly.

She was white as snow on a dark winter night; freezing cold.

I found myself running, but my legs were still stiff as stone.

Coldness conquered me as I passed her cold, lonely spirit;

Her screams went through my ears like beating death drums.

She would not leave me be; she would never let me go.

Down the creaking stairs I went to escape her ghost,

But the cold was so close now; she was close behind me.

Blackness covered my eyes after my fall into the pit;

She was near me, so cold; so close my skin turned blue as wintry ice.

It was said she had sucked the life from him,

So he too would breathe the warmth of hell beside her.

He would always fill her loneliness in that house of terror;

It would forever stand, but always be cold as that Halloween night.

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