Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2004
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place Elementary School winner is Waybright School fourth grader Haley DeCristoforo of Saugus.

My Scary Story:  The Spooky House

Haley DeCristoforo

Once upon a gloomy night down near the old graveyard there was an old broken down house. They say that the old house is cursed and haunted....and they are right!

Every full moon a green glow surrounds the house with it's spooky shine. The full moon is a sign that Halloween is coming near and the green glow is a sign that the house and everything in it is getting ready. Everything in that house is like a big bad dream, so when you wake up you make a loud SCREAM!

There's devils, witches, goblins and to many more to tell, oh and did I mention that spooky old smell?

There are cobwebs with spiders, things that scare you.

Oh do you know theres skeletons too.

They are resting in the graveyard getting ready for Halloween and turning their bones a creepy shade of green. Just like everything else in the house that's grumpy ugly and mean.

The vanpires are ready to suck people's blood, and the goblins are covering themselves with gooey brown mud.

The witch is ready with a big hat and a broom and a big ugly nose. While the devils have fire from their heads to their toes. The ghosts are very and scary but white as snow..and then says one devil "Come on it's time to go!" As the spiders crawl out of the house through the cracks, the vampires have flown out, they have turned into bats.

They ghosts fly right through the walls into the night sky and watch as all the witches fly by.

The skeletons rise out from the dead while the goblins come out of the house twisting their heads.

The first house they saw...ooooooo what a sight. It looks so big standing there still in the night.

There sleeping in bed was a boy dreaming of candy in his head. Soon the spiders crawled in and they started to spin...spinning a web around the boy with a nasty little grin.

Then they went to the next house and the spiders did the same, except that the devil struck at her a red hot flame. Then at the next house they started the same, except that the vampire sucked a little blood and the goblins added some of their mud!

On to the next house after that...then they heard a big crack. There it was again crack, crack, crack.

All of a sudden it started to rain. When the rain fell the spooky house appeared and the spooky smell and the green glow with the spooky shine was back. In a flash the moon dissappeared and a huge bolt of lightning struck the children and they were gone. Now everyone knew that Halloween was over so....

The skeleton dug back down into it's hole, the witches got out their big black pots and counted their coal. The goblins snuck back into their mud and the vampires went back to stirring their blood. The ghosts went back to the top of the window then the devil let is't red fire flames flow, but then the spooky green glow with the spooky shine wrapped the whole house up with a long green vine, and disappeared into a world at the end of time!

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