Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2004
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School story was a collaborative effort by Nicole Luongo and Mikayla Filippone who both attend fifth grade in the Oaklandvale School in Saugus. This duo also won last year.

Lifetime Scare

Nicole Luongo & Mikayla Filippone

It’s Halloween night with a full moon at 11:30 p.m. when a boy named Alan says, “Hey Chris, I bet you are too scared to go to the graveyard at midnight tonight.”  Then Chris says, “Yeah right – like ghosts even exist”.  “They do.  There was a kid who went to the graveyard to prove to his friend he wasn’t scared and he was never seen again,” said Alan.  “That’s just a myth”, said Chris even though he was starting to get a little scared.  But, he didn’t tell Alan that because Alan would call him a chicken.  Since Alan didn’t know Chris was scared, they set off to the graveyard.  It was the oldest graveyard in town.  Both of them terrified but too scared to tell each other.  They stopped at the entrance of the graveyard, pushed the door open and walked in.   The door slams behind them barely missing Alan’s sweatshirt. They run to do the door to try to open it.  It’s locked!  The only other exit is all the way through the other side of the graveyard.  They are silent and terrified and they still won’t tell each other.  They take a few more steps and they hear “Coo Coo.”  They turn around and no one is there so they face forward and they see two large yellow bulging eyes right in front of them just floating there.  “Ahhhh” they screamed and jumped ten feet high in the air.  They are even more scared but the eyes disappeared.  They took a few more steps and passed an old looking grave.  Just then some bats flew over their head barely missing them.  They took another step and passed another grave.  At that point, they noticed the letters on the grave changed to “Don’t expect to live.”  The next grave had fresh blood on it.  They looked behind them because they heard something moving.  “Yikes!” they both screamed at the top of their lungs.  What they saw was a skeleton sitting up.  It’s head was tilted and it looked like it was staring at them even though it didn’t have eyes.  (Those must have been the eyes that were floating).  They were silent when they heard “Who dares to come tonight?”  “Who’s that” stammered Chris.  “Turn around and you shall see,” said the voice.  Alan and Chris turned around.  What they saw scared them so much they couldn’t even scream this time.  It happened to be a big humongous eye.  Not only was it huge, but it’s color was blood red.  Both their faces turned pale white.  The eye faded away and they faced around forward and continued through the graveyard until they saw an unpleasant sight.  It appeared to be Frankenstein.  He had a scar on his forehead from stitches.  He had a green body and ripped up clothes.  Alan was about to faint and Chris almost jumped out of his clothes.  They were having the worst day of their lives.  They just wanted to get home under their warm covers so they started running.  They didn’t get very far when a big tall large white ghost appeared in front of them.  It said “What’s the rush?”  The ghost had obviously caught them by surprise because this time they screamed louder than any time before.  It said “Don’t run again or you will be in for even a scarier surprise.   Wha ha ha ha ha” They were scared and they knew it.  But they still wouldn’t tell each other.  They took a few more steps a bit slower but they saw a grave that spooked them.  It said Sabrina a/k/a black magic witch.  They heard a voice saying “What are you staring at”?  Then all of a sudden a witch came flying by and then almost rips off their head! “Phew!” they said.  From now on they decided to keep their eyes closed because they can run through any ghost and they won’t get scared.  Plus the path is straight.  Again, they didn’t get very far when something grabbed them.  They opened their eyes and they see a big purple scary monster with sharp fangs.  They kept quiet and listened. The monster said “Keep your eyes open or you’ll never see each other again”.  The monster spun around three times and vanished into thin air.  “Whoa” they both said in amazement.  They heard something above them they looked up and there was a spider right under in their face it was making a web right in their path.  They would either have to go through it or go around it by going close to one of the graves.  They realized the spider was a black widow.  They were the most deadly ones.  They decided they would have to go close to a grave if they wanted any chance of living.  They took a step off the path and walked forward as they were just about to pass a grave two hands grabbed them.  They were pulled under ground.  There was a path there but that would mean passing through all the skeletons and at the end he saw it.  It was the blood red eye with other yellow eyes around it.  The skeletons and eyes seemed to be sleeping so they took a step and as soon as they did everything moved.  The skeletons stood up the eyes opened and everything started walking towards them.  What could they do?  They had to think fast.  Suddenly Alan had an idea.  Chris, he said “give a boost”.  Chris and Alan clawed away at the dirt.  Some dirt got in Chris’ eyes.  “Hey, watch it he said.” Sorry”, replied Alan.  All he had left was a little patch of dirt.  He got rid of it and the sun shone through the underground.  The skeletons went deeper underground and they eyes shut their eyelids.  They have lasted a night in the graveyard.  They climbed out of the hole and stood up and continued down to the end of the path.  They opened the gate and slammed it behind them and sat down in amazement and disbelief.  At last they were safe.  They just started laughing.  Alan said “Chris”, “Yeah Alan” do you promise to always tell each other if we are scared no matter what?” said Chris.  “You bet” answered Chris.

When Chris and Alan got out of the graveyard, they stared at each other as the gate closed behind them.  They were both about to cry when a screech came out of nowhere.  They opened their eyes wide to their amazement they found themselves in their bedroom laying down.  It was 8:30 a.m. at this time.  They heard the screeching again.  They looked out the window and they saw what was making the noise.  It was a pigeon.  They both started to laugh and rolled over and went back to sleep.

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