Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2004
Middle School Winners

Third Place

Our third place middle school entry was written by Brown Middle School seventh grader Stephen Ashby of Harrison Pike, Chattanooga, TN.

Steppie Cupoo and the Halloween Glopwopple

Stephen Ashby

Detective Steppie Cupoo sat in the chair behind his desk reading the newspaper. The headline was Largest Glopwopple in World Attacks Only on Halloween. Steppie checked his watch. There were only two days till Halloween. Steppie quickly folded the newspaper and pushed a button on his desk. An intercom came on and a high, female voice answered, "Yes, Mr. Cupoo." Steppie replied, "Send in all of the agents." Immediately he heard the sound of tromping feet. Seconds later the door opened and five men and a woman walked in. They saluted in front of Steppie's desk, and he told them, " Read this." and tossed the newspaper at the nearest agent. He caught it and opened it quickly. All six of the agents peered over his shoulder as they read the paper. When they were finished, the agent with the newspaper folded it deftly while Steppie talked. "You all know how hard it is to catch even a small Glopwopple" Steppie said as he got up and started pacing behind his desk, "This Glopwopple is huge, 300 pounds at the least." He stopped pacing and looked intensely at the agents, "And its our job to stop this one from ruining Halloween for everyone."

Thirty miles away, a huge, dark shape was crouched on the ground with a long ear pressed firmly against the ground. An evil looking smile revealed pointed red teeth as the shape sprang suddenly into the air and its wings flapped open as it took flight south.

Back at Steppie's secret office he was making plans. He told each of his agents to do different jobs. His best man was on the other side of his desk, looking through books and maps for anything about Glopwopples. The others were all busy doing various jobs, like cleaning the M-16s. Steppie had a map unrolled on his desk, and was looking at different likely locations for the Glopwopple's lair. He found three likely spots. The Venren Mountain Range, the Afler Dessert, and the Southern Swamps. He called all of his men back into his office. He told them to get into three groups. They formed three groups of two, and Steppie joined the group with his best men in it. "We are going to go to different places where the Glopwopple might be," Steppie said calmly, "If the Glopwopple is there, radio to us, and try to kill or capture it." "Do you all understand." There was a resounding chorus of yes, and the Steppie silenced them by raising a hand. He then told them where they would be going. His group would go to the Southern Swamps. It was lunch time when Steppie got there. His men fell into an awed silence as they saw the 400 and 500 foot trees shooting up out of the swamp. Steppie swallowed and then said, " There is a cave in the middle of the swamp where I think the Glopwopple will try to hide." His best man said, " Let's go then." They reached the cave just after dark.

Cold, black eyes stared at the three men standing around a small fire. The thing snorted and crept back into the cave to tell it's master the news.

Steppie awoke the next morning and got up. He woke up his men and put out the fire, which had been kept going by an agent during the night. Then he and his men walked into the cave......... Steppie lit his lantern and looked around in wonder at the massive walls and the 300 foot high ceiling. Steppie kept walking even though he just wanted to stare at the drawings on the walls. What the.. Steppies eyes zeroed in on the walls. There were drawings..... and they were of Glopwopples! Steppie shook his head in surprise and kept on walking. Six hours later Steppie decided that they would give up looking for the Glopwopple, and the group turned back. It was seven o'clock when they finally reached the town. Steppie told his group that the Glopwopple would attack in one hour. Then, he and his men went to their base to prepare. At exactly eight o'clock the doorbell rang. Steppie answered it. On his doorstep was the Glopwopple and twenty other monsters! The Glopwopple looked down slowly at Steppie and then said, "Hey you, trick or treat." Then Steppie feinted.

Steppie woke up in the Glopwopple's cave surrounded on all sides by monsters. The Glopwopple saw that he was awake and said to him in a very deep voice, "Now, you must join us or die." Steppie looked around him at the monsters who were licking there lips excitedly. Steppie Cupoo quickly gave his answer.

That night all of the Trick or Treat bags were stolen. All of the pumpkins smashed. Some people claimed to have seen two ten foot tall monsters in the small lights that were on in houses. Both monsters had cold, black eyes and red teeth.

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