Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2005
Elementary School Winners

First Place

Our first place Elementary School entry was written by Brad Pechin, Ben Gorko, & Brian Leipold, a team of three fifth graders from Hillendale Elementary School in PA.

The Unknown Mask

Brad Pechin, Ben Gorko, and Brian Leipold

One day a group of architects were building a jail on an island a few miles away from the Bermuda triangle. When they were digging they dug up a very grotesque mask. The mask was worn previously by somebody and that person named the mask, the Carnage.  They tossed it out of the hole and got back to digging.

When they were finished for the night, they climbed out of the hole. One of them saw the mask and figured it would be funny so he tried it on. The mask began to glow an erie red color. The mask then attached itself to his face and wrapped around his head and combined with his skin.

When the mask attached itself to him, he tried to pull it off.

It wouldn’t budge. He tried to fight it, but it was too strong. It overtook his body and earned himself a new name, Carnage.

The powers that the Carnage gave the man were amazingly powerful. He had the ability to hide the Carnage within his body. He also had the ability to lift up to 5 tons with ease.

The Carnage also gave him one weakness, he could not survive without the energy of another human. He would take the energy of others by picking them up and feeding on their energy until he sucked them lifeless.

The Carnage will only emerge from the man’s body at night or when the man is being threatened. While the Carnage is out, the man has no control over his doings unless he has fed in the last half hour when the Carnage is still storing all of the energy. If the Carnage is not fed, then it will take the energy of its wearer. The Carnage can be hurt by fire, electricity, or radioactivity.

The man then got on a plane and flew back to Iowa were he had a house to live in. When he got there, he looked in the mirror and saw one body, half Carnage, half human. The Carnage was overtaking the man’s body!

That night the Carnage came out and fled into the city to feed on other humans. Carnage went into the park and hid in the bushes waiting for a victim to come past. When a jogger came by listening to her Walk-Man, Carnage snatched her and sucked her lifeless.

Then, the Carnage was fully energized and sped off into the city. There he created mass destruction and killed many innocent people for his entertainment. The police, military, and the SWAT team came to take down Carnage. The police fired pistols at Carnage but the bullets bounced of his chest.Carnage picked up a police car and threw it at the SWAT team.  The police ran for thier lives the SWAT team was already crushed by the car or fleeing with the police. The army blasted him with a nuclear war head, the radiation weakened Carnage but he picked up a tank and threw it at the army and transformed back to the man who wore the carnage mask. The remaining people from the military told some scientists about the battle. The scientists studied a piece of Carnage’s suit that basted off in the explosion and figured out that he was an ancient curse. They also found out that he could be weakened by electricity and fire not just radioactivity (they didn’t know yet). They made a plan, tomorrow they would have a party and Carnage would be attracted to the energy and they would shoot him with shockers and shock him until he couldn’t stand up and set his corps on fire so the curse would be deminished.  When Carnage apeared at the party he was shot immediately and he died.  The Carnage sizzled a little and then exploded. Anyone who reads this story will be cursed.


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