Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2005
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School winner is fourth grade Saugonian Tiana Maraia, who attends the Oaklandvale Elementary School.

The Green Ghost

Tiana Maraia

There was a green ghost that lived in a old farmhouse. There was a girl named Jenny. She lived next to a graveyard and next to the graveyard there was the old farmhouse. In the farmhouse there was a shadow. The shadow was a ghost shaped shadow.It looked like he put eye balls, dirt, and worms in a pot. Then the shadow of the ghost was holding a knife. Then the ghost disappeared. I heard a whisper that was saying, "I will get you". Then I turned around and there was the ghost. "Boo", the ghost said. I was crying out my eyes.Then I ran out the door to my parents. I told them there was a ghost in the house. So I brought my parents into my room. There was no ghost. My parents thought that I was joking, but I wasn't.I sat on my bed while my parents went back to what they were doing. All of a sudden I saw the green ghost again. I went downstairs and I told my parents, "I saw a ghost".They went upstairs and there was no ghost. My mom said "You know how I don't like jokes". I said "I wasn't joking mom". They went back to what they were doing.Then out of nowhere I saw the ghost.I said to the ghost, "I know your trying to get me into trouble, and next time you come here you'll see what I will do". Then he disappeared. I went downstairs and told my parents to come upstairs with me. I asked them to go into the closet and gave them a vacuum cleaner. I told them when they see the ghost to vacuum him up. Then after I put them in the closet, I took a little nap. Then the ghost appeared he silently began floating towards me. I got up and said, "you better watch out or something will happen". Then he said "your joking". Then my parents opened the closet door and vacuumed up the ghost. Then we cleaned up my room and threw away the vacuum cleaner. Then at school I went into the bathroom and I saw a ghost. Then I ran out and told my teacher that there is a ghost in the bathroom. She went in the bathroom with me and the ghost was there. So she took a vacuum cleaner and said "goodbye", and vacuumed him up. They threw away the vacuum cleaner also. They all the lived happily ever after!!!!! The end

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