Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2006
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School winner is fourth grade Saugonian Ana Andrade, who attends the Waybright Elementary School.

The Halloween Night

Ana Andrade

It was eight p.m. on Halloween night. If you went outside all you could hear was "trick or treat", "trick or treat", "give me something good to eat." Even though I am only ten and really wanted some candy, I was not going trick-or-treating this year. I'm not going to go trick-or-treating because I was dared to go into the abandoned old house on Appleton St.. As I was about to meet my fiends, I opened the door and a big red Elmo popped up at me! Then it said "trick-or-treat". I was so startled it took me about 5 minutes just to get the Elmo kid some candy. when I met my friends Ashley, Jimmy, and Steph, I was surprised they didn't do any trick-or-treating on the way. That's when it happened. The street lights kept flickering on and off, on and off. I myself thought that was very creepy. Ashley got more frightened as we walked down Appleton St.. We were wearing our costumes so our mothers would think we were trick-or-treating. People think the house on Appleton St. is haunted because in 1999 on Halloween night a little girl got murdered at the house while she was trick-or-treating there. Now every Halloween night, neighbors say they hear a scream come from the house. I personally have never heard it, thats why I'm here today. I looked in the house window and saw a bloody face of a little girl. Ashley saw it too, that's why she said she gave up and wouldn't go in. We told her she could stay outside and keep watch, but we also told her that the watch person was always the first one to go. She got scared and decided to come with us. As we walked in the house I heard a shriek. I looked back nd saw Ashley's princess crown on the floor. We thought she had gotten scared and went home, so we decided to go on. As we went on further into the house, the color drained from my face. We walked into the kitchen and saw a dead gu y with a huge knife in his hand. We ran as fast as we could into one of the bedrooms. I slammed the door closed and realized there was something squirming in the closet. I slowly opened the closet door and in there was Ashley with her hands tied behind her back and duck tape over her mouth. She said that someone had come up behind her and grabbed her. On the count of three I opened the door and we started to run. I tripped over my shoelace and felt something underneath the house pulling me. I managed to get out and grabbed a piece of paper off the floor that looked interesting. When I got home I figured out that it was the deed to the spooky house. The owners name was Bill Baklin. I looked him up in the phone book and found the phone number. When I called, the only thing I heard was "ree hee hee ree, I will kill you" I hung up! Minutes later the same number called me back and said nothing. Now every Hall o ween I get a call from the same number and nobody is at the other end! Ashley was cursed as well, she has a blue mark where the duck tape was and she is terrified of closets. Jimmy and Steph had heart attack from the fright! Five years later when we were 15 years old, the Mayor of Saugus was going to tear down the old house. Oddly enough, they were going to do this on Halloween night. That Halloween, all three of us got a scary phone calls! This time the same voice that said they would kill me, spoke to us. It said that if we ever went on its property again we would die! I never returned there again. I warn you never go to the spooky haunted house on Appleton Street or you will die a slow and painful death!!!!!

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