Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2006
High School Winners

Third Place

Our third place High School winner is Raquel Manley of Saugus. Ms. Manley also won last year at the Middle School Level, and thus joins the very short list of people who have won in more than one age category. Her winning story here is a sequel of sorts to her last winning entry -- a contest first.

Vampire Slayer

Raquel Manley

When the old woman handed me the wooden stake, pointed to the black coffin, and waddled away in the darkness, I knew what I had to do. I used to have no problem being a vampire slayer, as a werewolf I had done it for centuries. This sort of crime was in my blood. If you consider purging the world of the most foul creatures a crime. The casket creaked as I opened it; what a shame it was to slay such a beautiful creature, but what else was I to do? Another, I sighed to myself as I plunged the stake into her heart and watch the silvery blood pour out. I did not consider myself a freak due to the fact that I was a werewolf, but to the fact that I had fallen madly in love with a vampire.

They tell me I became "alive" during the surge in Salem when the clan was formed. Supposably, I was saved by the greatest clan on earth, The Moon Clan of Salem. Never did I see the grandness in being a werewolf, even if I had been repeatedly brain washed by my elders that we were. Today I have one of the best jobs in the clan, vampire slayer. To be chosen for the job you must have excellent tracking skills, which is about the only skill I have. So much for shear grace and agility. My dear human friend I do not know how my own clan knows me other than my distinct werewolf scent. My name is Annabella Mc Halley, I am seventeen in appearance, but I'm four hundred eighty-two and for the first time in my life I have fallen in love. I'm in love with the biggest mistake I could have possibly fallen for.

"Settle in, please," called old Abigail, as our Slayer boss waddled into the basement of our meeting room. There were others of the clan scattered about the room on the well scratched couches. This room had seen many a spat. In age Abigail was only a year older than me, but was respected because she was the head female of the pack. It was hard to believe that Liam, the head male, had kept the clan in order and so large for as long as he had. Liam and Abigail had charm, even if they were not the most respecting wolves. "Draw a name Annabella," she ordered impatiently as she held out a cedar box with pictures and names in it. I held my breath as I stuck my hand in. "Jacob Gannon, age seventeen, Ireland," I muttered under my breath. A new kill was like Christmas, except instead of presents we got a name and a stake for the heart.

There really wasn't much special about Jacob Gannon's file, except for the fact that he was stunningly attractive. For quite some time I sat on that couch in the musty basement looking at his picture. Old Abby knew my thoughts and probably should have taken away the name but she did not. She simply handed me my plane ticket and snapped, "Well go pack for Dublin already." I trudged up the stair case in the decrepit Victorian mansion that the vampire slayers used as home while they were in America.

Four hours later I boarded flight 397 for Dublin, Ireland. Something wasn't right. I felt like I was being tracked. Even old Abby said that vampires could not track, although some had special abilities. Nonetheless, I felt strangely elated. He was very easy to track. Usually it took me the entire flight to figure out exactly where the walking dead victim was. The mind reading and tracking skills was about the only aspect of being a werewolf that I liked. It was hard for me to stay human because of the eagerness I had to see him. Besides it's fun to scare little old ladies next to you on planes.

I made it through customs and decided to run instead of take a taxi to the edge of this clan's territory. Common sense told me to wait until next evening to make a move, but I was too restless and it was early in the evening. It was like I could smell his sweet, vanilla scent miles away. At this point I felt like if I did not get this stake in his heart it would pierce mine. Finally I was able to duck into an alley way and change. It's useless to try and explain the gentle crack of the spine and the overwhelming joy that is accompanied by it. I stifled a howl as I extended my legs to twice the human length. Personally I think I look better in my fur than in my skin. I ran through the pitch black alley ways and appeared as simply a shadow to the potato loving humans.

I rented a hotel room next to their headquarters. For as smart as vampires are, they can not smell as well as I could. I tracked him again as I sat in the dilapidated green and white hotel room. Tracking is simple, all you need to do is think of the person's face and name and you can see glimpses of their life. The back of my neck prickled as scenes of his early morning kills flashed in my mind. I shuddered at the prospect of meeting Jacob in a few hours from now. After about an hour of lying on my bug infested bed I decided to use myself as bait. When he leaped on me I would stab him. Disturbed by the thought I curled into a ball and told my self that I couldn't attach myself to some I could never get to know.

"You can do this," I implored myself as a nonchalantly walked into his territory. There he was in the middle of the street. He was more elegant and beautiful than I had imagined. He had bright red hair and piercing green eyes. The rough stubble on his chin surprised me but made him even worse to kill. Tall and sculpted he stood as he rolled the cuffs of his white button down shirt. Old Abigail echoed in my head, "Does he not expect to get blood on that shirt?" I could feel his eyes on me as he lazily followed me down the street. "Make a move," I whispered.

It happened so fast. He sprung on me and pinned me to the ground. If I wasn't so tense he would have been dead already.

"You're... you?" he asked astonished.

"What..." I breathed. Was this some sort of scare tactic? I was already on my death bed.

"You're Annabella, you were supposed to kill me but I saw you coming... I tracked you."

"But," I muttered trying to comprehend, "Vampires can't track."

"I know, but I can. If I let you up do you promise not to kill me?"

I didn't know what to say but I made a deal with the devil. What else was I supposed to do?

"I'm sorry," he murmured, almost ashamed. "I'm sorry" I tried to kill him and he pinned me to the ground and an apology is in order?

"I've been tracking you for months. You see I got you as an assignment to track and kill but I couldn't do it." He looked away as his satiny voice explained quickly. Subconsciously, I realized I should take the opportunity to finish this.

"Please don't, and yes I can read minds."

I reiterated what he was subconsciously saying, this was crazy enough for Abigail to shoot herself with a silver bullet.

"So you know that I love you and you same, even though we've never met?"

"Yes." he breathed in my ear. I just then realized how dangerously close he was to me, but that was fine. He was with the only person I wanted to be with. I don't know how were going to survive when we should be mortal enemies. But right now as I stand with Jacob in the slums of Dublin, under the full moon, that really doesn't matter.

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