Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2006
Middle School Winners

First Place

Our first place Middle School category winner was written by Krsna Caitanya Glick, a eighth grade student attending the Alachua Learning Center in Florida.

The Cursed Seal

Krsna Caitanya Glick

Johnny screamed in pain as the seal slowly burned itself onto his skin. It was the dreaded Tu-Ne-Wa curse that had been in his family, going from father to oldest son, since the start of his family. It only changed carriers when the carrier of the curse died; his father had perished. As the pain subsided, he looked down at the bottom of his left arm. It had placed itself about mid-way between his hand and elbow. It looked different for each person, for him it was a black dot with three dots positioned around it.

He stood up. He was in the old creaky house in the middle of the desert that his parents had owned-no one knew how they got it-but when ever his family went there and slept, they always had dreams of their ancestors. When it was declared Johnny's father was dying Johnny had gone to the house, to try to find a way to avoid the seal. He walked down into the basement and sat down. His mother was probably mourning as would be his sisters and brothers. He felt trapped, like in a fly in a spider's web. He punched the wall in frustration, expecting to feel pain as soon as he realized what he was doing. To his surprise the made a dent in the wall, and felt no pain. He looked at the seal. "Was it bigger? No it couldn't be." Johnny thought. He stood up and looked around. There wasn't much around in the room but a small creaky chair and a dusty desk. He took out his cell phone and dialed his mother's number. "No answer" must be that there is no service out here." He thought.

He walked up the stairs and around the house, looking for some stationary and a pencil. He found some in the kitchen, it seemed like someone had been here not too long ago, and went back down into thee basement. He pulled the chair over to the table and put the paper down. He picked up the pencil and began to write. He looked again at the seal and, "Was it the light?" He questioned. It was getting bigger, or so it seemed. The pencil touched the paper and then, as if in a frenzy, he began to write. "My name is Johnny. If you are reading this then I am dead. I have been infected with the cursed seal of my family. It causes you misery and despair where ever you go. As the generations have come and gone, it seems to have gotten weaker but still causes immense despair. I hope to God that I will find a way to get rid of it."

Johnny stood up and walked outside. His car was parked there. He was afraid to drive but still got in the car. He turned the key and revved the engine. It seemed fine so he took off into the sand. Suddenly he was in an odd place. The air was cool and damp, but it reeked of death. He looked around and saw that, as if in slow motion, the car was flying through the space. He looked down and it seemed like there was an endless abyss below him. Suddenly the car started to fall. Johnny blacked out as he plummeted into the darkness below. He awoke to hurried voices around him. He opened his eyes and saw his family. He tried to say hello but his body wouldn't respond. He tried blinking his eyes but found that they didn't respond, even though he had opened them. He wanted to see what he looked like so in anger he tried to get up. To his surprise, he was suddenly floating. He turned in mid air and saw that his body was lying on the ground, with the seal spread all over him. He overheard someone say that he was in a coma. "I"m in a coma! Oh this is bad!" Johnny cried in his thoughts. He saw that his family was cluttered around his still body. He tried to reenter his body but it didn't work. He touched the seal's origin point and felt like he was being pulled into a small, wet hole. Suddenly he was back in the weird area again, only this time he wasn't falling. He heard a voice, wait, not one, but many in unison. The voices called to him "We are your ancestors; there is one way to remove the seal from your family. You must still be in your coma when you die, and then the seal will not make you choose someone to take the seal." Instantly Johnny was back in the room, only this time it was empty. He flew to his body and saw, to his amazement, that he was 20 years older. Through the years, Johnny floated around a saw many things, none of which gave him another clue to break the curse. Eventually the body died and the curse disappeared. Johnny had been floating around Russia at the time and suddenly found himself in front of a demon. The demon was covered with different seals, all of them different. Two of them were glowing; his seal and a different one were glowing. "Choose someone to take be as a seal." The demon said. "My ancestors told me to stay in the coma to avoid this; I will just have to figure it out my self." Johnny muttered to himself. "How long do I have to decide?" asked Johnny, to which the demon replied "You have one day." Johnny accepted and began thinking over what the demon had said. He pondered for the rest of the time until the demon would ask him his decision. Finally the demon did ask, Johnny stuttered for a second and then and idea struck him, "Anyone" he remembered the demon saying. "Do you have any solid form?" Johnny asked. "This is my solid form, only my dark power goes into the seal." Johnny knew what to say, "I chose you for the seal." Johnny said. Instantly the demon began roaring as the new seal burned it self into him. Suddenly he disappeared; Johnny looked around and found that he was stuck in this place.

The End

Or is it?

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