Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2006
Middle School Winners

Third Place

Our third place middle school entry was written by eighth grader Janavi A. Santana who attends the Alachua Learning Center in Florida.

One Dark Night

Janavi A. Santana

Today was a great day for Lorelei. The story she had written was the only thing everyone in town was talking about. This was one of the best stories she had written so far in her career. She had gone under cover as drug dealer and found out that some of the police officers in town sold drugs. The only bad thing was that no one would ever know that she wrote it, because she wrote her stories under the name of Heidi Stone.

"As of tomorrow you will be known as Sister Amaryllis. Here, I made up a couple of things to go with your temporary identity," he said, while handing a couple of papers to her.

That night, Lorelei spent a lot of time studying the papers Kevin had given her, trying to memorize them.

The next day she went to the church there a priest and a nun greeted her. The priest smiled at her and said, "Good morning, Sister Amaryllis and welcome to our church. We're so glad to have you here with us. I'm Father Joshua and this is Sister Marilyn. We're very pleased to meet you."

"I'm very pleased to meet the two of you as well," said Lorelei with a fake smile on her face. After that, Father Joshua and Sister Marilyn gave Lorelei a tour of the church.

Already a month has past since Lorelei first came to the church but she didn't witness anything out of the ordinary during that time. The only thing that happened was five more people that attended the same church died very mysteriously. She decided to go see Kevin one day instead of staying in the church as usual. She had gotten up early and was on her way to see Kevin at The Daily Sun's headquarters. He was waiting for her in his office. When she came into the office she sat down and said, "Kevin, there's nothing going on in that church - at least nothing that I've seen. Maybe I should try following Father Joshua... he has been acting very suspicious lately. I wonder why?"

Kevin nodded, "I agree. He could be the one behind all those deaths. Lorelei stays at that church for at least three more weeks. If nothing happens we can just forget about that story and investigate something else. Is that fine with you?"

"Yes, but I'm determined to find out what happened to all those people," said Lorelei in a somewhat disappointed voice. "Well, I guess I should get back before anyone finds out I'm gone," she added. Kevin just nodded.

That night, instead of going to bed, she followed Father Joshua into the church's basement. Lorelei hid behind a stack of boxes and saw a couple of people there. "I wonder what they're doing here. Well, they must be waiting for Father Joshua but what for?" she muttered in a soft voice to herself. Then she heard Father Joshua say, "Good evening everyone! I know I have asked you all this before, but are you all sure you want to do this? This is your last chance! After this I will not let you go." They all started to talk to each other, and finally a man spoke up, "Yes, Father we all agree to give you our souls so that we may help you."

"Give him your souls? What do they mean by that?" thought Lorelei.

"Great! Only a few more days and I will have enough souls to awake him," said Father Joshua with an evil look in his eyes. Then he snapped his fingers and two human-like creatures appeared. They looked like normal humans except that they had red eyes, ram horns and silver colored skin. One of the creatures came up to Father Joshua and whispered something in his ear and pointed to the stack of boxes behind which Lorelei was hiding. Lorelei immediately knew that they had found out she was there. She had to try and find a way out without anyone noticing. Father Joshua simply said, "Get her." Lorelei tried to make a run for it, but it was too late. The second she got up to run, the two creatures had come up behind her and grabbed her by the arms. "Ah, Sister Amaryllis..." he stopped for a moment and then said, "...shouldn't you be in bed?"

"What are you going to do to these people?" she said while struggling.

"Nothing. They're giving me their souls out of their own free will."

"So you're the one behind all of those mysterious deaths. And what are these things holding me?" she asked, trying not to panic.

"Well, when you put it that way it almost sounds like I'm doing something bad. And those 'things', as you call them, are demons," he said in a very calm voice. Lorelei didn't reply. "Well" he continued, "I summoned them with the souls of a couple of people who wished to help me."

Finally Lorelei spoke up. "Help you? How can giving you their souls possibly help in any way?"

"That's really none of your business now, is it? Take her." As he said that, the two demons put a cloth over her nose. After a few seconds, Lorelei saw everything around her turn black.

After four hours or so, Lorelei finally woke up to find herself in a small room with no windows. She knew this was one of the many storage rooms in the church. She tried to open the door, but it was locked so she started searching for something to break the door with. After searching for five minutes or so, she found in one of the many boxes a small hammer. "Wow! I must be really lucky to have found this," she thought to herself. After beating the doorknob a few times with the hammer it broke and the door opened. She ran back to the basement to find no one there except for the lifeless bodies of the people she had seen earlier. She was on her way to Father Joshua's room when she over heard him saying "All is done now. I just have to offer that demon all those souls and I'll get my dear Nairi back."

"Nairi?" she thought to herself. She heard him coming out of the room so she hid in a room across the hall. After he left Lorelei followed him to the basement where she saw a gigantic circle drawn in chalk on the floor. She guessed that this was some kind of summoning circle that would bring the demon he was talking about to their world. Lorelei knew that she couldn't do anything except wait. Moments later, Father Joshua started reciting some words in Latin over and over again. Suddenly, the lights went out and the room felt cold. She now knew that there was something else in the room with them. The lights turned back on and standing in the circle a horrid creature with silver skin, blood red eyes, fangs, claws that looked as if they could rip through, and giant bat-like wings. The demon now turned to look at Father Joshua who was just standing there admiring the creature. "Now demon, you said if I brought you back, you would bring back my wife Nairi. You know that the only reason I became a priest and did all this was so you could bring her back."

"Yes, I did say that," he stared over to where Lorelei was hiding and continued, "So I will grant your wish. I hope you have a nice afterlife."

The priest gave him a worried look. "What do you mean by that?"

And with one swing of his claws, the demon cut Father Joshua. At first, it seemed as if nothing had happened to him but a few moments later five giant slashes appeared on his chest. Minutes later, Father Joshua was dead. The demon looked at where Lorelei was hiding once again, and said, "Come out girl and tell me who you are."

Reluctantly, Lorelei came out from behind the boxes. "I'm Sister Amaryllis" The demon gave her a menacing glare. "You're not a real nun, are you?" Lorelei did not reply to this. She simply lowered her head. "I'll take that as a yes," said the demon. "Now tell me, are you with me or against me?"

Once he said this Lorelei started trembling with fear. "I'm obviously against you," she said while trying to keep her self from sounding too scared.

"Very well. You should be honored to be killed by such a powerful being such as myself." He was inspecting his claws while saying this. And then he attacked her with his claws, and left her there to die.

Lorelei knew she was losing a lot of blood but the pain kept her from doing anything. After about two minutes, she started feeling dizzy and everything turned black. Lorelei woke up, and to her surprise found herself in a bed at a hospital, but most surprising of all - she was alive!

A doctor walked into her room. "So you've finally woken up. I'm Dr. Williams and you, miss, have been in a coma for a week. But you seem to be fine, so you'll probably be able to go home in two days." The doctor was almost to the door, when he turned around and said, "I almost forgot, you have a visitor. He's been coming here to see you everyday for the past week, hoping that you would wake up from your coma." After the doctor left, Kevin came in and smiled at her. "So you've finally woken up. So, tell me what happened at the church? Lorelei told him everything that she witnessed at the church. By the time she was done, Kevin couldn't believe what he had just heard. "See Lorelei, I told you that I was right. I'll start writing the story once I get back."

"Umm, Kevin," she said in a very low voice. "What happened to the church? And why did I survive?" Kevin gave her a confused look and said, "Well, the church burned down for some unknown reason. And you obviously survived so you could tell the world about this horrible story."

The next day Kevin had already written the whole story and it was out in the front page of The Daily Sun. Everyone in town was so surprised at what had happened in their little town. Lorelei did not sleep that night, worried that something would happen to her. Dr. Williams came in and said, "Lorelei you should be able to go back home tomorrow morning. But try to sleep tonight, okay? The police arrested Sister Marilyn. Father Joshua is dead and all the demons were caught and destroyed. So, please try and rest tonight." With this said, he left.

As he was leaving, a nurse came up and told him, "You really shouldn't have lied to her. You and I both know that the strongest demon was never caught. What if it comes back to kill her?"

"Stop worrying, nothing is going to happen to her," he said, and then went back to his office. That night, Lorelei took Dr. Williams advice and went to sleep. She woke up an hour later to see what time it was, and then closed her eyes again. But she felt another presence in the room, so she looked around to see if there was anything there, but she saw nothing. "I guess it's just my imagination," she thought, and went back to sleep. Suddenly, she felt something grab her neck very hard and her eyes flew open. And then a scream was heard.

The End

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