Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2008
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School winner is second grader Somashree Biswas of Chandler, AZ, who attends the Andersen Elementary School.

The Friendly Spider

Somashree Biswas

It was the night before Halloween. We were all getting ready for bed. I crawled into my bed and awoke in a spider’s web. The web was in my room and I was as small as a spider.

A spider walked up to me and said, “Hi! My Name is Spinner, the Spider. Who are you? You don’t look like a spider”

“I am a human” I replied back.

“But I thought a human was bigger than that”, he said.

“I think I shrunk down to spider size while I was sleeping,”

“Well, I have to warn you about Spider city,” said Spinner, “because anyone who sees you can kill you.”

Spinner took me around Spider city. It was a big place. I saw buildings and stores all shaped like spiders. The houses were shaped like giant webs. There were two things that really freaked me out. First, spiders were making statues of monsters and giant humans out of webs. Some spiders were eating huge insects like ants, flies and bees.

Spinner was a good spider and his favorite holiday was Halloween. He got to dress up in all sorts of costumes and go out trick-or-treating. But he didn’t get too excited or else it was hard for him to get to sleep. Spinner also had a brother named Slipper. During trick-or-treating they got spider yummies like bee candy, shoofly chocolates and ant gummies. When they were done, Spinner and his brother counted how many candies they got. They also went to a Halloween dress-up contest.

Spinner was going to take me to his house. Suddenly, I saw a Big Mommy Spider looking straight at me. She was ready to gobble me up.

“Help, Help!!!” I cried.

Just then, I woke up and I was in my own bed. I ran to my mirror. I was back to my own size again. What a Halloween nightmare!!!!!!

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