Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2010
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner is Orion Oaks Elementary School student Alyssa Tasker.

Friday the Thirteenth

Alyssa Tasker

It is August 12, a Thursday. This is the day my sister, Emma, my brother, Alex, my mom, my dad and grandma move to Parkland Mills in North Carolina. We’ve been driving 8 hours a day for four days straight. It feels like the longest four days of my life. We used to live in Minnesota. I was born in Canada.  My dad is a scientist. He goes around the world trying to solve the unknown. We once lived in France. I can speak fluent French now. We also lived in Spain. I usually don’t like to move all of the time. But, I am kind of starting to warm up to it. Oh, by the way, my name is Ana (ah-na) Calverson. I’m 12 years old and I like to play sports. I especially like to play soccer. Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not excited. I don’t have any friends to have a party with. I’m forced to invite my Uncle Joe and Aunt Petunia. They live on farm. But don’t think they’re all about cows and chickens. They make some pretty decent cash every day. This means I get some awesome presents. But I’m still pretty bummed that all I’m inviting is family.

My family, pets and I just pulled up into our new driveway. Hey, this house isn’t bad at all. 3stories, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 1 playroom, 1 mini theater, 1 exercise room, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a coat room, a laundry room, and a family room. It’s not exactly a mansion, but, definitely not a peewee house.

I’m in my new bedroom right now. It is empty. My family and I are going to stay at a 4 star hotel while the furniture is being loaded into my new house. I’m looking around my room; I’m opening the closet door….whoa! There’s a pen, in my closet, writing a note. But, the weird thing is, if there’s a person writing this note, he or she isn’t visible!!! Oh gosh. I’m really scared right now. The note says,


Dear Ana,

I’m watching you. Give me back what is mine or I will steal your soul and use it as my own.

I will give you a week. If you don’t try to succeed, you will regret it.


Whoa, um, I, uh have to show my mom. Emma is crying and my mom is probably helping Emma so I can’t tell her right now. Gosh, for a 2 year old Emma sure does cry a lot. I’m going to the family room. That’s where my grandma is.


“Um, grandma, if you’re not busy, can I show you something?” I say.

“Sure honey, what’s on your mind?” grandma answers.

“Uh, never mind. I, uh, forgot.”

I don’t want grandma to think I made the note to be silly. I’m going to ask Alex. I know it’s weird to ask my 15 year old brother but I have to tell someone.

“Hey Alex. Pal. Amigo. Senior Alex” I say trying to act happy.

“What do you want” Alex said.

“I was wondering, could you look at this note?”


Alex took the horrid note from me.

“This is a blank piece of paper” Alex said.

Wow. That was weird. I’m asking grandma now.

“grandma, I remembered” I say.

“What is it sweet pea?” grandma replies.

“I need you to look at this note”

“oh dear, I didn’t think it would happen this soon”

“What’s happening grandma”

“listen Ana, you are in great danger. Remember that amulet I gave you when you were born?”

“What about it?”

“my old best friend, Mandy Gore and I had a fight and broke up. I found the amulet later on. Mandy wanted it but I refused to give it to her. Now she is dead and is still trying to get it”

“I’ll tell your mom we’re leaving. We have to leave”

Grandma and I have left now and have been driving for hours. It is my birthday right now. 5:10 p.m. We are getting out of the car and start walking. The car is out of gas. I feel terrible. I’m tired and thirsty. Oh no. I hear something. It’s…. kudzu! The kudzu snaps grandma and me up. I close my eyes. I’m in my new attic now. Grandma is no where in sight. It is dusty. There are spider webs and glass shattered from a mirror. Ah!!!!!! A ghost just took me out of the window. It’s Mandy. She drops me and holds a butcher knife up. I close my eyes one more time. My family is standing over me with a cake. I’m in my room in Minnesota. It was just a dream. It’s Friday the thirteenth. I don’t feel scared or sad. I feel…… like the happiest teenager in the world.

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