Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2010
Middle School Winners

Second Place

Our second place Middle School category winner was written by Belmonte Middle School student Jenny Prag of Saugus, Massachusetts.

The Doll

Jenny Prag

There once was a man named Joe. He was just an ordinary man. He worked as a carpenter. He leaves for work in the morning and comes home at night. One night it was around oh lets say 5:00 he was pulling into his driveway. His daughter had left for a week on a school trip, and his wife was away in Italy on a business trip. It was almost the end of the week so His daughter would be home soon, and his wife was coming home later tomorrow. This meant he was ALL ALONE….. He got out of the car and walked up his steps. All of a sudden he thought he saw something walking behind him. He turned around to look and there was no one there. Then he walked inside and closed the door. A minute later the doorbell rang. DING DONG!! When he went to answer the door no one was there. Then he looked down. There was a large square brown package with no name on it. He picked it up, walked inside, and opened it. There was a large doll in it. The doll had a name tag on her wrist it said: Melancholy. It had black hair, brown eyes, and a torn dress. The doll had a smile, a smile that you could never forget. It wasn’t a smile but it wasn’t a frown, it was more like a sneer. He thought maybe it was for his daughter from one of her friends playing a trick on her. He decided it was late so put the doll on the couch and went to bed. The next morning the television was on and the doll had the remote in her hand. She was watching a murder show. Joe looked at it and thought he must have left the TV on the night before. He turned off the TV and went into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee. When the coffee was done he poured it in a cup and took a sip. Then he walked into the computer room to see if anyone emailed him. He was a very busy man, he got called all the time to fix one thing or another. There was one that said: Dear Joe, get out of this house now. You can’t live here anymore. If you don’t get out in three days I will kill you. Love, Melancholy. He wasn’t sure what to do. He thought someone was playing a prank on him. He decided to reply later. Now he had to drink his coffee and go off to fix Mrs. Winters roof. When he walked into the kitchen something was wrong. His coffee was spilt all over the floor and the doll was there sitting next to the mug. Joe ran up the stairs to his bedroom, locked the door and got ready for work. Then he flew down stairs grabbed his jacket, his tools, and his wallet. Then he closed the door. Then he ran back inside because he forgot his phone. Melancholy was right next to it. He got so scared he kicked the doll. When he got in the car his phone rang. RING, RING,RING! He answered it… there was a low voice who said, “Why did you kick me? That was mean. “ Why Joe, why?” “Who are you, why are you here, what do you want from me?,” Joe screamed. Then click, and the phone line was cutoff. Joe got really scared and he drove off. On his way to work he stopped at their local doughnut shop. Since he didn’t eat breakfast or have much coffee he bought a small coffee with milk and sugar, and a chocolate glazed doughnut. He paid and went out to his car. He slowly chewed the doughnut and took a sip of coffee. He thought, “ What does that doll want? Why is she here in the first place? What should I do?” He pulled out of the parking lot and drove away. Mrs. Winters lived on Oak street, and she was always calling to say there was something that needed to be fixed. Joe was always the one who she called. She was an older woman who owned three cats. She was also very nice and very rich. Joe always did a good job and she paid him a lot of money. When he got there something was different. There was smashed windows, plants knocked over, police cars, fire engines, ambulances, and Mrs. Winters screaming. Joe ran over to her to see what was the matter. She explained, “All of a sudden a small girl rang the doorbell. She wasn’t smiling, it was more like a sneer. The girl had black hair, brown eyes, and a torn dress. She asked me if she could pet my cat. I said no because I didn’t know her and her parents weren’t there. Then she ran off the porch and smashed the windows, knocked my plants over, and dug a hole near the wishing well so all the water poured out. I didn’t know what to do so I called the police. Then they came over right away.” “Oh no,” thought Joe. “ Mrs. Winters, that girl isn’t a girl. She’s a doll, and she came to my house in a box and wants to kill me.” “ Joe, that’s impossible she can’t be a doll if she can walk and talk. A doll wouldn’t destroy my house. Oh, let me talk to the cops for a minute. There are some cookies and milk on the back patio if you want some.” Joe walked to the back yard and sat down at the table on the patio. Then he stared off at the woods. He thought he saw something or someone off behind the bushes. He walked over to it and saw it was the doll. He backed away slowly but the doll stopped him. “ Stop right there,” said Melancholy. “ What do you want from me,” Joe said trembling. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The doll chased after him and he ran as fast as he could. He ran out to the front yard and the police saw him. On of the police grabbed the doll by her arm, but she bit him. Melancholy ran after Joe and chased him to the local library. Joe ran inside but the librarian stopped him. “ What do you think you are doing Mister.” said the librarian. He explained the doll was chasing him. Then Melancholy came running in and Joe ran upstairs to hide. He hid behind a book case, just then Melancholy came charging up the stairs. He carefully climbed to the top of the book case. She didn’t see him at first but then she did. Melancholy climbed up the bookcase and grabbed his leg. Joe kicked her off. Then she climbed again, only this time she came in from the other side of the bookcase. She made it to the top and gave Joe a little shove. He tumbled off the top and on to the ground. Then he climbed up, picked her up, and ran down the stairs. Then he took her to the side of the road and threw her down the sewer. She tried to climb up but she couldn’t. Joe was now very proud of what he did. He ran back to Mrs. Winters and told her what he did. She now believed him about Melancholy being a doll and congratulated him. She told him to come back tomorrow to fix the roof and other damages. Then he hopped in his car and drove home. When he got home his wife was there and his daughter was coming home in two days. His wife asked if anything exciting happened and he told the whole story. She was amazed at all the excitement she missed. Then the doorbell rang. DING DONG!!!!!! His wife went to answer it and it was a large brown, square box, with no name on it. Joe picked it up and threw it outside in the sewer. He didn’t want to take any chances. And to this day Joe never picked up a box without a name on it, or does he…..

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