Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2011
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner is fifth grade Veterans Elementary School student Tessa Palermo of Saugus, Massachusetts.

The Spook House

Tessa Palermo

They were walking on the sidewalk on Halloween night. “Hey guys, let’s go to this house,” said Skye. “No way!” said Bridget and Faith. “What are you guys, scared?” laughed Skye. “Yep!” they said. “Well I'm going,” said Skye.

Skye knocked at the door and nobody answered. Skye went inside and said, “See you later!” She looked inside and there were spider webs, dust, and smoke. She coughed like crazy and ran into the dining room. On the table was a box of candy with a note. It said, “Dear children. You have gotten into my house successfully without dying because of all that smoke. I hope you are having a wonderful time here so far. You are in for a real treat. Here are some directions for the whole house. Please do look around! I do have a wonderful house you know. I know it looks very messy, but when I was alive it was very clean. I hope you have a great time here. Yours Truly, Mrs. Cadavor.”


She took the directions of Mrs. Cadavor's house  and started to look around. Just then from behind her back, she heard two loud shrieks. It was Bridget and Faith! She ran to them but noticed two shadows in the smoke. It had to be them. In the note it said you have successfully made it through the smoke and didn't die. What if they had died! They were her best friends, so she had to run through and save them. Skye went inside and put her arms out trying to find them. Then she felt two figures holding each other close. She grabbed them by the hand and found their way back out.

“What were you guys doing?” she screamed. “We got worried,” Faith and Bridget said, still shaking. “Well I got a map of Mrs. Cadavor's  house, so there must be another exit in here somewhere,” Skye said. The three girls walked out of the kitchen and went up the stairs. Then they heard footsteps and loud voices laughing. “We are going to have to hurry!” Bridget said. “Seriously, don't worry,” Skye said.

As they were investigating, they found a door and looked inside. There was a bed, broken windows, glass, and spiders. As they were looking around, the door closed behind them. “Ahhhh!” they all screamed. Faith tried to open the door, but she couldn't open it. “Guys, I think we are locked in,” she said. Skye thought that they had to jump out the window. Bridget climbed out of the window, then Skye and Faith followed after her.

When they were climbing down the house, someone grabbed their legs and brought them inside. They were dropped onto the cold, wooden floor, trapped again. As they were getting up, they felt a cold breeze behind them. The windows were shut, so what was happening? Faith looked behind  her and saw a shadow. Then she heard loud laughing again. This door was open, so they ran out. Before they knew it, they were in a long hallway.

Skye, Faith, and Bridget sat down and looked at the map. They found out where they were, but noticed there were doors after doors lined up. It said exit on every door. In the top left corner of the map it said there was only one real exit and that you had to try all the doors until you found it. “Well, I guess we might be here a while,” Skye said. They got up and started going to every door in the house. Behind one door there were bugs crawling everywhere. Behind the next there were snakes. They were never going to get out of there.

Bridget came up with the idea of everyone having to do different doors instead of having all of them look behind the same doors. That would probably take a whole week looking door to door together. They all split up but stayed close so if anyone got in trouble, then they could just yell and the others would go and find them.

They had been looking for a long while when they heard Faith scream. Skye and Bridget ran for her and found her. They found her sitting on the floor, her legs shaking. Bridget asked, “What's wrong?” “Well, I was looking behind one of the doors and then I found a piece of paper with a pen writing a note.” “Here it is.” Faith started to read it out loud. It read, “Dear children, I see you have not found your way out of my house yet. If you don't get out in an hour you will be locked in here forever. Try to be smart about where you look because you have little time left. Good luck!

Yours Truly, Mrs. Cadavor.”


“When did you get this note?” Skye asked. “About half an hour ago!” Faith said. “So we only have half an hour,” Bridget said. “We have to try a different way,” Faith said, still shaking. They started to turn around and look at the map. “Guys, look!” Skye said holding out the map. She had wiped the map just a little on the door and there was a sign that said, “Not exit.” “We have to wipe this map to see which door is the real exit.” They all started to wipe the map furiously.

Finally after about ten minutes, they got all the dust off of the map. Skye noticed only one of the doors said, “Real exit.” “Guys, we only have twenty minutes!” Bridget said. The door was far away so they had to run. They passed maybe one hundred doors and finally reached the door that said it was the real exit. It probably would have taken them forever to find the door. Skye opened the door and looked out. “Look!!!!” Skye screamed. “We only have ten seconds and we are at the top of the house!” “We have to jump!” Faith yelled.

Before they knew it there was only five seconds left. Five, four, three, two, one. They were locked in. After all of that effort they would be locked in forever. All of their friends and parents would wonder where they were, but they were never seen again.

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