Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2012
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner is fifth grade Veterans Elementary School student Julia Harrington of Saugus, Massachusetts.


Julia Harrington

Chris walked down the street as a cold breeze made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.  He pulled up his hood and looked all around him. His eyes were wide with fear. The wind whistled through the trees and created an eerie sound. The sky was grey and it had just stopped raining. He rubbed his hands together and put them in his pockets. He slowed to a stop and pulled a small crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket. He read, “Meet me after school in the fourth floor of the library.” Neatly written on the bottom of the note, in cursive it said, “Sincerely, Taylor.”

Chris rolled his eyes as he began walking toward the sidewalk. He sat down on the stairs of the Andersons' apartment. He took his backpack off of his back and opened up the zipper. He pulled a notebook out of his bag and flipped to a page near the end.  Sloppily printed in blue ink, the page read, “Math, textbook pages 57-59, Science essay due Monday.” He sighed and closed his notebook. He threw his backpack on his back and picked up his notebook. He reached over his head and zipped up the zipper on his bag.

Chris turned his head as he saw someone walking towards him. A large black van raced down the street and screeched to a stop a few feet behind him. Taylor waved to him as she walked up behind him. “This town is pretty creepy isn't it?” Chris nodded his head and continued walking. “So, want to head to the library?” Chris pulled the crumpled note out of his pocket, flattened it out, and gave it to her.

“Where did you THINK I was going?!?” He looked at her with annoyance. “I don't know. Home?” She shrugged her shoulders. “Well then, what is it that you wanted to tell me?” He looked in her eyes. “What is it?” She looked at her shoes and didn't reply as she kicked some stones around.

When they reached to library, Chris politely opened the door to the library to let Taylor in.  The sound of a motor starting startled them both.  It was the black van. It was slowly coming toward them. Chris started breathing heavily as his eyes widened.  They both turned around and the van stopped. They hurried into the library and hopped on the elevator.

“What do you think that was all about?” Chris asked. “THAT was what I wanted to tell you.” Taylor slammed her book shut. Chris sat up. “WEIRD things have been happening lately.” “Like what?” Chris asked. “Well, there's that van. I've been seeing it everywhere.” Chris was shocked. “And, I haven't been able to sleep for days, worrying.” “Worrying about what?” Chris asked. “That's the problem. I don't know what. I've just been... scared.”

Chris shook his head and continued reading a book. Taylor sighed and looked at him. She laid her head on her arms and closed her eyes. Chris looked out the window. The black van was still out there. Through the darkened window he could see a silhouette of a man. The man seemed to be hiding. He squinted his eyes and he could briefly see the man's face.  

Chris watched as the man entered the library. He had dark skin and was wearing dark clothes. He heard the elevator open, and then someone walked out. A smoky gas filled the room as Taylor and Chris drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Taylor awoke and slowly yawned. They weren't in the library any more. They didn't know where they were. Taylor stood up and yawned again. She had been asleep on the floor. “Chris?!? Where are we???” Chris stood up and shook his head. “I don't.. I don't know...” They held hands and looked for a door in that cold dark room.  They felt along the walls for a door handle. “Nothing,” Chris said.

The lights suddenly turned on and they both jumped. They saw a cracked window in the far right corner of the room. An evil laugh came from all around them. Taylor ran to the window and tried to break it. The light flickered. A soft voice spoke to them, “You are trapped here! FOREVER! I have put a curse on this room! You shall not escape!”

Chris shouted at the shadowy figure approaching them, “We have not done ANYTHING to harm you! You do not have the right to harm US!” “Oh... but YES I do! I am a ghost. I have been roaming the world for centuries searching for a sacrifice so that I may have immortality! I was ruler of this world until you humans defeated me! I was meant to be immortal, and I WILL BE!!!”

“Taylor, I will sacrifice myself for you!” “No, Chris! He has been looking for me and now he has me! Don't! I will sacrifice myself!” “I have made my choice. I will take ONE of you...” “Take ME!” Chris shouted. “Taylor, go on without me!” “SILENCE! I have made my choice!”

Now the figure looked just as any normal human would. He was tall, and he looked strong and powerful. Taylor pushed Chris out of the way and faced the figure. It slowly lifted Chris into the air. The light was so bright it blinded Taylor. The lights turned off and then on again. Taylor saw Chris lying in the corner, lifeless. She began to cry. The figure returned. “LEAVE NOW!” it demanded. The lights flickered again and the window broke. Taylor jumped out the open window and ran into the forest.

She would never be the same again...



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