Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2012
Middle School Winners

Second Place

Our second place Middle School category winner was written by Columbia Middle School student Miranda L. Berry of Grovetown, Georgia.


Miranda L. Berry

On All Hallows’ Eve, I was home alone. It was a daily thing. My parents both work as doctors, saving the lives of others. We have a huge two story house that is from a previous century. Most of the house’s flooring is wood expect for the bedrooms. The walls were shades of dark and the curtains just the same. Our house was surrounded by trees and when they swayed, it looked like ghosts dancing in the moonlight.

I’m the type who doesn’t believe in ghosts, vampires, and other creatures of the night. They aren’t real, how could they be? It’s just spooky stories passed down from generation to generation to scare kids out of doing things like grave yard digging. It is complete nonsense.  All my friends say that my house is haunted by a ghost kid. It’s said that a boy named Tim, who was about my age at the time, died here many years ago. The boy was home alone and running around upstairs. He accidently tripped over a warped floorboard and fell down the stair case. Legend has it that if you stare at the stairs, you can faintly see Tim standing there. He will stare at you with his ice cold blue eyes, which makes you feel as if he is staring right through you. 

I wasn’t scared with their story at all. I knew that it couldn’t be true. You wouldn’t be able to see the ghost of Tim standing on the steps of the stair case because even if ghosts were real, you wouldn’t be able to see them. They are called ghosts for a reason. Tim might have lived here, he might have even died here, but does that matter? No, it doesn’t because you wouldn’t be able to see or hear him.

I was sitting on the coach downstairs, playing on my laptop. I must have spent hours on it because when I looked out the window it was dark and overcast. I closed the thin curtains, though it was a waste of time, because they were too small for the large windows.

 My stomach started to growl so I decided to get up and scavenge for food. The scent of vanilla ice cream cake and blueberry muffins filled the air. My mom had a sweet tooth, so she loved to cook lots of deserts. She loved baking cakes the most. The ice cream cake was cold, but it also tasted very smooth and creamy.

I re-opened my laptop. 

“That’s odd,” I said out loud.

My laptop was on the fritz.

Why was it doing that?

Then the lights above my head started flickering on and off. I took a deep breath and remained calm.

“Just a storm,” I said out loud. “Just a storm.”

It was now pitch black outside, yet I could hear the tree branches whirling in the wind, and then the rain began thumping at the windows as if they were trying to get indoors. I was a bit spooked so I took at my cell phone and attempted to call my mom.

“We’re sorry, this person is not available to take your call, please leave a message after the beep.”

Great! She picks today to ignore her phone.

The storm brewed up outside. I could hear the bare branches swaying vigorously. I was getting petrified, afraid a tree would fall through the roof any second. All of a sudden all the lights turned off. Thunder filled the air and lightning lit the room. Everything looked ghostly, even the sofa I was sitting on. Rain continued to hit the windows with full force.  Then I heard a new sound:  floorboards creaking. My heart started racing and goose bumps devoured my arms. I could hear faint moaning. It started growing louder and louder to the point where it was coming down the stairs.

There he was. Tim was facing me, staring at me with his crystal blue eyes, as a cold as the northern lakes.  I felt a chill go down my spine as he said, “Help me.”

 I knew then I was not alone.

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