Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2013
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner is fourth grade Veterans Elementary School student Arianna Johnson of Saugus, Massachusetts.

The Dream in the Dark

Arianna Johnson

It was a rainy day and I was in school. “Lunch time,” said Mrs. Cullume. Everybody walked to the door and lined up. When we got to lunch I realized I'd left my money in my desk. “Mrs. Cullume, may I get my money from my desk?” I asked. “Yes, you may,” said Mrs. Cullume.

When I got to the hallway upstairs I started to hear the sound of boots rushing up behind me. “Who's there?” I asked. I trembled as the footsteps got closer. “Boo!” I looked up and saw a strange face with a crooked smile. “Amber! Why would you try and scare me like that?” She just shrugged, and so we walked to the classroom in silence.

Once we got there, I went straight to my desk. Amber went to the billboard to check the spelling words. I walked over to tell her I had gotten my money, but when I leaned on the billboard, it slid over to the side. Amber and I looked down, and below us was a small doorway. It was dark. We looked at each other. I tried to scream, but before I could, Amber suddenly fell through the doorway. In a flash, I ran towards the teacher's desk, grabbed her pointer, ran back to the hole, and yelled for Amber to grab hold. Of course, by the time I got there, she was far gone. What could I do? After three seconds I felt a tug on my leg out of nowhere. I started falling through the black hole. I had been pulled into the hole.

When I opened my eyes, I saw gray and yellow walls, a black door, and wooden stairs leading up. I looked over and saw Amber fast asleep, just like I had been. At the bottom of the stairs appeared a black shadowy figure dressed in all white. He smiled. “So you've arrived,” he said in a weak voice with a slightly evil grin. I didn't know what he was talking about, so I just sat there like a kitten in a farm full of cows. He threw a weird golden powder-like substance. It must have been sleep dust because when I woke up, I was at the nurse's office with Amber standing beside my bed. She said that when I went into my desk for my money, I bumped my head. She brought me to the nurse and I fell asleep. “Are you OK?” asked the nurse with a concerned look. “Yes, I'm fine,” I said.

I never thought about the hole again until now, but I'm sure it was real. If you ever go to the Veterans Memorial Elementary School, beware of the door in room 212.

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