Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2014
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner is fourth grade Veterans Elementary School student Katie Bradbury of Saugus, Massachusetts.

The Halloween I’ll Never Forget

Katie Bradbury

One foggy Halloween night, Megan and her friends were trick or treating and Julia saw a haunted house. They thought it was just a pretend haunted house, but they had another thing coming. Alana said, I don't think we should go there, but they went anyway.

        They went on the door step and Brittney rang the door bell. Ding dong! Ding dong! They saw that it was a little scary, but they stayed on the door step. They heard a scary voice that said, Get out! They got very scared, but before they could do anything else, Bang! Boom! Ouch!

        They fell through a trap door then Alana said, Told you so. Grace said, I thought this house was going to have big candy bars. That is the only reason I came to this haunted house.” “I'm scared! yelled all the girls. Then they felt something grab them. They all screamed Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!

        They fell even further. All the girls just thought it was a little prank, but then they saw a black shadow. At that very moment, they knew they were in a real haunted house. They got up, but Alana yelled, The walls are closing on us! they all screamed. The lights turned off and back on again, but that time a tiny door appeared. Then right before their eyes, the door grew bigger, big enough to walk though, and there was a note on the door that said, Enter if you dare.

 All the girls looked at each other and walked through the door. It lead them to a maze with mossy vines creeping up the walls. They were just walking until Megan saw a sign. It spelled out:


They all started screaming but then Julia said it spelled EXIT. They all ran to the sign. It brought them to an elevator. They were on the 5th floor. They wanted to go to the 1st floor, but on the third floor, the floor dropped beneath them. They fell into a dark room. There was a sign that said,

Dear reader. One of these doors leads to safety, but here's the catch. If you pick the wrong door, you fall to your doom. Good luck.

All the girls were very scared, but they picked the door in front of them. They picked right. They were out and there was a whole bus full of candy. No, seriously, there was a bus full of candy. Then the haunted house door opened. They were so scared when they walked out that they were shivering in fear.

Did you ever go trick or treating with only your friends? If you do, beware of the haunted house on 51 Waban St.

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