Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2015
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner is fourth grade Veterans Elementary School student Olivia G. Richardson of Saugus, Massachusetts.

The Doll House

Olivia G. Richardson

One day Lilly Matton was in her room decorating a Halloween-themed doll house. As she searched for her pumpkin stickers, she noticed a light pink letter on her desk. On the front it read, "Do not open until October 31." "October 31? THAT'S TODAY!!!!" Lilly said with a happy scream. She opened the letter and read the light pink note inside. "Dear Lilly. It is that time of year again! Halloween is here! Time to show you a little secret of mine. In this letter is a little key. Take it out and put it in your doll house door. I can't tell you what's inside, but I hope you have fun! Your Aunt, Milly" Lilly looked at the shining key. She looked at her doll house. How did her Aunt Milly know about the door in the doll house? Lilly took a deep breath. "Ok, let's do this," she said.

Lilly took the golden key and placed it in the tiny lock. The door opened. Lilly heard tiny foot steps. Out from the door came a tiny doll-like girl. It was a girl, but it was a very VERY tiny girl. "Hmm!" said the girl with a smile. Then the tiny girl made eye contact with Lilly. "AAHH!" the girl yelled at the top of her lungs. But Lilly only heard a tiny little yell. The girl was THAT tiny. Lilly was in awe. How on earth did her Aunt Milly hide this?!?! "Hello," Lilly started. "My name is Lilly Matton and I don't want to hurt you." "R...really?" the doll asked, shaking a bit less. "Really," said Lilly. "Ok, I want to show you MY world!" Lilly tried to stop her self from laughing. "Um......I'm a bit too big," said Lilly with a giggle. "Just think of yourself as tiny as me," said the girl. And in the blink of an eye, Lilly was as tiny as the girl!!!

"OH MY!!! I forgot to tell you MY name!!!!!" said the girl. "My name is Zoe," she said with a small smile. Lilly tried to control herself from yelling. She was a little sick from thinking about how small she was, but soon found herself being pulled by Zoe. "COME ON LILLY!" said Zoe at the top of her lungs. Now that Lilly was as small Zoe, her voice was very VERY loud.

By now Zoe and Lilly were past the door. Lilly was in awe. Her eyes were wide open. Her mouth was hanging down low. This place was beautiful! "So... what do you think?" asked Zoe. "It's IT'S SO PRETTY !!!!" Lilly said when she finally spoke. "Come on. Let's go to park!" said Zoe.

When Lilly came back home, she found herself in bed. "Oh, it was just a dream," Lilly said. When she looked out her window, she saw it was time to go trick or treating, but when she went to get ready, she saw a key in her hand. Well, I am going back to that amazing land someday.

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