Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2015
Middle School Winners

Third Place

Our third place middle school entry was written by Makenna Capitaine & Jennifer Lombard, students attending St. Anne Catholic School in Houston, TX.

The Calling

Makenna Capitaine & Jennifer Lombard

I hang in the open field with the wind blowing in my face. I hear the call of the crows and I immediately try to shield my face, but I can't. My arms won't move and I know what's coming my way. All of a sudden I feel a sharp pain all over my body. I try to escape but it's not worth trying. I hang their allowing the crows to abuse me. After awhile the pain goes away but I know soon they will come back. The straw on my body is torn apart and my clothes are shredded. I'm not ashamed because I know no one cares about me. I'm hung on wood and I'm useless. My straw is drifting away with the wind and I feel empty inside and useless on the outside. I'm not accomplishing anything but wait I hear something. I hear something screaming and laughing. My ears are in more pain than ever. I see something moving outside the house that has always been in front of me. I'm terrified by what could come my way. I have no idea what's going on. I hear these objects say, "Come on kids let's check out the house.” Why are they called kids? They walk inside the house and I become nervous. I don't hear any noise for awhile until they come back outside. I look at them but I don't think they notice me.

The begin doing something I've never seen before. I smell something that I've never smelled before. It smelt painfully delicious. I hear the kids screaming, "Barbeque! Barbeque!” what is barbeque?  All of a sudden two kids come running my way. All of a sudden they started hitting me with something round and long, they started calling me names like, "Ugly scarecrow!, ugly scarecrow!”. What does that even mean? The pain is worse than the crows. One kid stopped hitting me and went away but there was still one little kid that was hitting me. I am infuriated that I am letting this kid take over me and want it to stop. I try to pull away but nothing is working. All of a sudden I move my legs off the wooden pole and pull my arms from the wood. I fall to the ground and the kid stops hitting. I straighten my legs   and pull my body up. I am now looking down to the kid and I feel powerful. I grab the kid by his legs and he starts to scream. I don't know how to stop it so I claw his mouth shut with my nails. I drag into the forest and I dig my nails into his arms so he knows I am in control now. I love this feeling of empowerment and I never want it to stop. He stops screaming and moving and I feel succeeded.

The next day the kids kept asking where John was and I suppose that was the little kid that had harmed me. I start to laugh and feel proud of accomplishment. The night had come and they still were looking for John. During the middle of the night smelt something terrible. I got of the wooden pole and started to walk toward the smell. Then I saw another kid making this smell. I walk toward the smell and grab it away from the kid. I hear screams again and I need to stop it. I claw her mouth shut and open a clear drawer and felt the warmth on my hands. I grab the kid and put it in the drawer. I hear the kid's hands bang against the drawer and felt powerful. I walked back to my wooden pole. The family eventually bothered me so much I just had to make them stop screaming. Once I finished all of them I walk back to my wooden pole in satisfaction. I wait on my wooden pole for the next kids to come.

The End

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