Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2016
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner is fifth grade Veterans Elementary School student Madison Lopez of Saugus, Massachusetts.

The Secret Basement

Madison Lopez

One morning at breakfast, on October 20, Bella and Max's parents had something to tell their children. Their mom stood, put down her fork and said, "Tonight your father and I will be going out to dinner, then to the movies. Bella, you'll have to watch Max." At this Bella groaned, "Mom," she said with her phone in her hand as she stood up. "I can't," she said. "I'm going to the mall with my friends!" "Well you are going to have to reschedule," said her dad in a disappointed way. At this Bella stormed off to her room.

When she reached her room, she slammed the door. Max stood up, but unlike his sister, he wasn't disappointed. "I'm excited for tonight," said Max smiling.

"Alright Bella and Max," said their mom as she grabbed her purse. "No friends over, no oven, there's pizza on the table that we just ordered, and no answering the door or picking up the phone until we get home, ok Bella? Max?"

"Yup!" said Max happily.

"I guess," said Bella."

"Ok then," said their parents in unison. "Bye," said Max. Then their parents walked out the door, locking it behind them.

"Here!" said Bella, slamming a piece of pizza down on her little brother's plate.

"Thanks," said Max in a good mood.

"What was that?" asked Bella in a scared voice. Max looked up from his coloring book.

"What?" Max knew that Bella took October very seriously because it was so scary.

"Well, I guess that I'll go check. I think it came from the kitchen," said Bella.

"Ok," said Max in a scared voice.

"Ha ha," laughed Bella quietly as she picked up her phone. She dialed her friend's number. "Hello?" laughed Bella.

"What's up?" asked Bella's friend, Alexia.

"I'm about to pull the best prank ever!" exclaimed Bella.

"Bella?" whimpered Max.

"Max!" screamed Bella from the kitchen.

"I'm coming," said Max about to cry. Max burst through the kitchen door in alarm. "Where are you?"

"Over here," said Bella, now hidden in their pantry. When Max opened the door, Bella jumped out at him with a clown mask, and she had ketchup on her hands to make it look like blood.

"AHHH!" screamed Max.

"Got you," said Bella, now laughing very hard.

"That wasn't funny!" Screamed Max.

Bella just laughed harder. At this, Max ran to his room.

"Don't be a baby, Max. I was only joking around!" Then Bella walked over to the sink to wash her hands. When she stepped on the mat in front of the sink, the floor dropped, and she fell through the floor. "MAX!" Bella screamed.

So Max came running down the stairs, laughing. "Shouldn't have pranked me all these years," said Max, still laughing.

"What do you mean?" Yelled Bella. "Wait! where am I?"

"A secret place where you'll never get out," said Max.

"Ha ha, Max. Funny. Now let me out," said Bella, trying not to sound scared.

"Nope!" laughed Max.

"Do Mom and Dad know about this secret basement thing?"Asked Bella.

"Nope! It's all mine and nobody knows how to get in or out except me!"

"Max, you listen to me!" said Bella in a threatening voice. Wait, thought Bella, I have my phone! So Bella reached into her pocket, but her little brother interrupted her.

"Looking for this?" asked Max, holding out his sister's phone. "Yeah it's pretty but-"

Max got interrupted by the sound of a car door.

"Bye!" said Max.

"NOO!" screamed Bella again, but it was too late. Her little brother had blocked up the hole, then put the mat back over it.

"Hi sweetie!" Said Max's mom.

"Where's your sister?" asked his dad.

"Oh Bella? Right. Well, she ran away with Alexia," said Max.

"Well I'd better call Alexia's parents."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," warned Max.

"What do you mean?" asked Max's dad in a concerned voice.

Then all of a sudden the floor under Max's parents dropped.

"MOM, DAD!" Screamed Bella, who was already down there.

"What is this?" asked their dad.

"I told you not to try to call Alexia's parents, but you didn't listen!" screamed Max, now very mad.

"Throw us the rope that's in the closet down here right now!" Yelled Max's mom.

"No can do!" Said Max.

So Max boarded up the floor, and walked away.

"Done!" Yelled Max, now thirty years old, to his wife. Max grabbed the book he had just finished writing, then went into his room where his wife was waiting.

"What are you doing at," Max's wife, Sarah, leaned over and looked at the clock, which read 4:00, "Four A.M?"

"I'm done!" Yelled Max

Sarah read through his book. Then she said,"So this is supposed to be a true story, right?"

"Yes," replied Max.

"Well, I love you for trying," said Sarah.

"What?" asked Max.

"You know," said Sarah as she stood up. "You made it up."

"No, I didn't!" Said Max, now mad.

"Ok, but I can't go back to bed, so come have some coffee with.... AHH!" Sarah was cut off by the sound of breaking floor boards.

"MAX! HELP!" screamed Sarah.

"I told you it was real," said Max.

"Wait, this was you?" exclaimed Sarah.

"Yes," said Max. "Now do you believe me?" asked Max.

"Ok, you made your point, so now help me up." Sarah reached up for Max's hands, but he didn't put his hands out to help her.

"Max!" screamed Sarah. "Let me out of here!"

"Oh, you sound like my sister," replied Max. Then Max covered up the hole in the floor, grabbed his keys, and walked out with the click of the light.


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