Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2017
Elementary School Winners

First Place

Our first place Elementary School entry was written by Anna Hemm, a 4th grader who attends the Fowler School in Maynard, MA

The Haunting and Madness of Halloween Night, 1954

Anna Hemm

In case you couldn't tell by the title, this is not a happy story. If you are looking for a happy story, I suggest you go back to your shelf and look again.

If you are not looking for a happy story, keep reading for my terrifying story.

Halloween night, 1954

At ten pm on Halloween night, all was calm and spooky, and trick-or-treaters were everywhere; like Halloween every year. There were people out for hours at a time, dressed in costumes and collecting candy, and slowly the crowd died down. There were very few people still trick-or-treating when the clock tower in the distance struck eleven.

When the clock struck eleven, I knew something was wrong. The clock tower sounded scarier than usual, I looked out the window of my bedroom, and the stars seemed to glow red, alerting me of the danger that was soon to come.

As head of the police, it was my job to keep everyone safe. So I, Jack McRimmon, threw on my clothes and went out to investigate.

As I took a stroll around town investigating, I heard a scream, a bang!, and a terrifying silence to follow. I ran to where the scream came from, just in time to see my neighbor’s bloody, lifeless body being hung on the bow of a ghost ship that sank in the Atlantic over 40 years ago, the Titanic. There was no one on the spooky ghost ship, yet a bright light behind the corpse that seemed to hang itself.

The remaining trick-or-treaters in the area screamed and ran, desperate for help, to their homes and hid with gunshots still echoing throughout the town. I know that policemen are brave, but I ran with my neighbor’s children back to my home and hid with them in the closet.

When midnight came the screaming stopped, and I alone went to the window and saw the most sickening, fearful sight; hundreds of bloody, murdered corpses scattered in the streets of town with their eyes still open and shining with horror, glowing in the moonlight. Then I saw it.

The Titanic’s ghost ship was coming full speed at me with fire coming of it in all directions, jack-o-lanterns with glowing evil, red eyes, and worst of all, a new addition to my neighbor’s corpse, my best friend hung with it, face covered in gashes and blood. I couldn’t believe it, and when all seemed to be lost, the Titanic’s ghost ship and it’s two corpses vanished into thin air.

I let the kids out of the closet and tucked them into my bed and I slowly fell to the floor with terror and sat there that night and tried unsuccessfully to sleep.

When morning came I went for a walk with the kids through town on the streets maroon with dried blood, corpses, and four old, rusty guns shining in the glow of the orange-red sunrise, and while walking I realized on that sad, silent morning that we were the only survivors.

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