Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2018
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place winner is homeschooled Sienna Finnie, a nine year old resident of Portland, Oregon.


Sienna Finnie

My name is Storm. My mom says that it started as a nickname because of my black and white hair. The name stuck so now I am called Storm. I am 12 years old. We are moving to a small town in Africa that is surrounded by trees and lush streams. I looked out of the truck window as we sped passed my new school.

We’re here Storm!” my Dad said as he parked next to the our new log home built high off the ground on stilts.

I climbed out of the truck and started to help unload. I noticed a small little snail on the ground. “Hey dad, what type of snail is that?” I said, pointing at the colorful black and white shell.

Oh, just some random snail, Storm.” he said, as he moved a box into our new house.

I love snails. I have a whole collection of them, so seeing one that I didn’t have is rare! I picked it up and turned the unique snail around in my hands. Its shell was black with white spots. I touched the area where its mouth should be and a sharp pain exploded along my finger-- OUCH! I jerked back and pulled the snail off my finger. As I looked closer, I could see small pointed teeth covered in my blood.

Dad! The snail bit me!” I yelled.

Honey, snails don’t have teeth.” my Dad replied.

But Dad, look!” I gave him the snail and let him examine it.

Well, I guess this one does.” my Dad mumbled. I wondered if he was talking to me or to himself?

We spent the rest of the day unloading boxes and furniture. After working all day, we finally had set up everyone’s bed. I climbed into my soft sheets and settled down to sleep. As I looked out the window, I saw little figure with a black shell and white spots at the edge of the frame. How unusual to see a snail at night, I thought as I fell fast asleep.

In the morning, I woke up to the sound of Dad scrambling eggs, and Mom stirring pancake batter. “Good morning Honey! We are making pancakes and eggs today.” my mom said.

Ok, I’m just going to go and grab my snail collection from the truck. I forgot it last night.” I said, and went outside to the truck. As I walked, I noticed something odd. On the ground, was a dead mouse with all of its skin eaten away, uncovering the flesh underneath -- yuck! At first, I thought perhaps a cat had caught the mouse, but a cat wouldn’t just eat all the skin. Just then, I saw an animal eating away at the rest of the mouse. I looked closer. I realized it wasn’t just one animal eating the mouse-- it was a group of snails! The same snails with black shells and white spots were devouring the carcass!

I ran back toward the house and yelled, “Mom! Dad! We have to go now!”. As I ran, I heard crunching noises under my feet. I looked down to see black and white shards under my boots. A sea of snails were moving towards me as if to get revenge for those that I had crushed under my boots. I jumped over them and crushed as much as I could. I ran up the stairs and into the house, jumping on as many snails as I could smash.

There were too many snails. They snails were swarming into our new house. The skinless shell of my parents lie on the kitchen floor. The snails began crawling up my boots. Some bit me in both of my legs and I tripped, falling onto the sea of snails. Just before I fell, I grabbed a meat knife from the counter and stabbed the snail closest to me. For a second the snails heitated, giving me just enough time to leap onto the counter were I could reach the kitchen window. I jumped! After falling to the ground below, I managed to get up and run into the truck. I slammed the door shut!

I hid quietly on the floor of the truck and hoped the snails were gone. It was hours before I even thought about going outside. When my thirst and hunger were too much to stand, I decided to peek outside. The snails were gone. As I climbed out of the truck, a sharp piece of metal cut my hand and a drop of blood splashed onto the ground. In the trees I could hear the rustling of leaves. The snails were coming. I could see their shells gathering at the edge of the road, their eyes bright with revenge and hunger.

The End!

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