Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2019
Middle School Winners

Third Place

Our third place middle school entry was written by Rivini Singappuli, a student who attends The Henrietta Barnett School in London, England.

The Vampire of Merslyway Manor

Rivini Singappuli

The moon was a round, pupil-less eyeball, staring down at the carriageway. The wind was a howling werewolf, pursuing its prey. The dark mansion loomed ominously over the road, as if in wait for a doomed victim.

CRACK! As the dilapidated door creaked open on its rusty hinges, a tall, dark silhouette with a long, flowing cape appeared at the entrance, its sharp fangs embedded in a carcass. The lightning illuminated the mysterious, infernal figure for a moment, shadowed by its cloak, the lining as red as the blood it had been sucking from its game. The monster’s disfigured face twisted into a smile, its fangs protruding from its hideous mouth, as it glared at the little boy who stood before him.

Greg ‘s father had gone on an errand to Merslyway Manor when Greg was only a 1-month-old baby. He had never returned. It was said that he had been murdered by the vampire who haunted the abandoned mansion. Now, 10 years later, the courageous young boy embarked on a mission to find his father and bring him home. As he’d stolen away into the cool crispness of the Halloween night, the boy had looked back at what could have been his last sight of his dear little cottage.

Nearing the mansion, Greg had hesitated, fear griping him with its cold, sly, fingers, but then taking a deep breath he had continued on his course. At the door of Merslyway, he stopped. He stared. Lurking in the darkness was…

The vampire.

Greg was a flying ball of terrified panic as he sped towards the iron gates. His heart was a hammer, beating frantically and heavily against his chest. A tarantella of fearful thoughts sped through his head as fast as his feet. His mind cried out for help, but when his cold, pale lips parted, no sound came out.  

ZAP! The infernal monstrosity stood before him, his maniacal cackle resounding through the still night; his deep, penetrating yet soft eyes glaring. As the frozen, petrified Greg stared back, his adversary’s eyes reminded him of something. Was it? Could it be? The boy recollected a picture back at home of his parents’ wedding day. As the monster slowly approached, the terrified child noticed a tarnished, old but grand medal pinned on his chest. Now Greg stared at the hideous beast, not in fear, but in thought. His suspicion augmented. He dashed at the vampire and grabbed the pin off his chest.

The creature uttered a sharp inhuman cry and collapsed.  Then slowly, his foul figure morphed into a handsome gentleman. Hope enveloped Greg with its warm, loving embrace until he couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Father?” asked Greg.

“Son? “gasped the man, gazing at the child, with his soft, chestnut eyes.

 It was the same gentleman as in the picture.

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