Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2020
Interactive Fiction Winners

We got two interactive fiction entries this year, both choice-based.


Our first-placed entry was written by M. Chamberlain of Dallas, Texas.

Not everyone comes from a place where it snows enough to build snowmen. Have you ever made a snowman? Some nights may be less suited to the task than others. Try your luck in Snowman.

Spooky Times

Our second-placed entry was written by Luke Strange of Cavendish, Vermont. At just nine years old, Luke is by far the youngest author we've ever had submit a working interactive fiction entry. He writes:

This is my first entry on Saugus and I really love writing IF stories. I love books that are graphic novels and also choose-your-own-adventure books. I am a 9-year-old homeschooler in Cavendish, VT. I have an older sister, and she is the author of They Fly Out In Winter.

On some special Halloweens ghosts and other creatures of the night stalk the Earth, possibly dropping in through some kind of weird supernatural portal. Play Spooky Times to see one such Halloween.

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