Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2021
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School winner is Mads B. from England, UK.

The Pumpkin Boy

Mads B.

Flora and her Mum were walking to the pumpkin shop. To buy a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Flora was tingling with excitement she had got her vampire costume ready at home. ’Which Pumpkin would you like to choose darling? ’Her Mum asked, ‘there are lots over here,’ flora looked then chose a small but sweet looking one. Flora and her mum wandered home with the pumpkin and a carver they got with it. Flora put the pumpkin in the middle of the table, stared at it for a few minutes and finally decided what she was going to do, it would have a broad smile.

On the night of Halloween Flora was washing up the dishes when all of a sudden, a strange voice rang out behind her ‘hello’ the shrill voice said ‘aaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh’ Flora shouted ‘sssshhh’ HER PUMPKIN said, ‘HOW CAN YOU TALK LIKE THAT?’ she said quietly but punctually. ‘Isn’t it obvious you did give me a mouth and ears so I can hear but I can only talk on the night of Halloween after that I return to the pumpkin spirit world,’ the pumpkin said cheekily. ‘Ok smarty pants’ Flora giggled as the pumpkin jumped off the table and into her arms 'I'll call you Boy’ ‘yay’ Boy called and bounced up the stairs.

Two hours later, Flora had got on her vampire costume and was going down the stairs with her trick or treat basket banging against her leg, when Boy jumped on her head and said “Can I come too?” “OK,” Flora Replied. So they went out the door and along the pathway. When suddenly Flora shouted “Hi Holly” as her best friend walked along the pavement. “How are you doing?” Holly replied. “Good thank you. How are you?” “I’m good, thanks.” Who’s Holly?” Boy asked. “My best friend since nursery of course” “You’re talking to a pumpkin? Holly laughed. “Can’t you hear him? Flora frowned. “Of course I can’t silly. I’m not MAD”Holly said in a hurtful way Flora turned and walked away to get some more sweets. When she got home she laid the sweets out on the floor and went to bed. “Good night Boy” Flora yawned. “Good night Flora,” Boy breathed.

In the morning Flora turned and looked at the spot Boy had been the night before but Boy was not there. “Oh no I forgot Boys gone to pumpkin spirit world” Flora murmured as a big tear rolled down her face...

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