Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2022
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School winner is Madi Kang. She lives in Redwood City, California with her younger sister, younger brother, mom, and dad. She is 10 years old and is in fifth grade at North Star Academy..

The True Identity of the Fairy Godmother

Madi Kang

The girl slowly picked up the purple and blue book labeled in gold letters, “THE PROPERTY OF ANONYMOUS”. She had discovered it while finding her way through the series of hallways in Jack Skellington's Haunted House in Disneyland. Alex had accidentally gotten lost in the mansion and just as she was about to leave through one of the exits, it caught her eye. She adjusted her glasses and curiously picked the strange object up, and sat down, leaning up against the door of the creepy mansion and began to read.

October 30th
 The Spell Room

I wonder why Charles Perrault wrote the story of Cinderella that way? The Fairy Godmother in that story is definitely evil - I have proof of it! Here, let me tell you the real story.

So all the beginning stuff is actually right - how Cinderella’s father married an evil woman with selfish daughters (the Fairy Godmother is not the only evil character in this story). Then the father died and Cinderella became their maid. This is where the story changes. Now think about it. How long did the fairy godmother take to help Cinderella? Ten years at least! Then she forced Cinderella to find the biggest pumpkin she could when that fairy godmother had a wand! A wand that she could easily have used to find the biggest pumpkin herself! And then she zapped those two little mice into horses without their permission. Finally, the worst part. GLASS slippers. Breakable glass slippers! She knew that the magic would wear off at midnight and that Cinderella would be in a rush to get home. She could trip and get hurt from those glass slippers! Not to mention that everything went back to normal. She was STILL her stepfamily's servant. Then her stepmother tried to hide Cinderella so her foot wouldn't get measured. The Fairy Godmother should have intervened and made it easier for Cinderella! If her stepmother succeeded in hiding Cinderella from the prince, then there would never be a happily ever after.

“Oh come on! There HAS to be more to the story!” Alex said and she irritatedly looked at the rest of the pages which were completely blank. Suddenly, an invisible force began to move her mouth. A cackling noise that sounded just like a witch came from her mouth. She felt a thick wand in her hand that had swooped over to her by a gust of green wind, but she couldn’t see anything in her hand. The force began to make her punch the invisible scepter into a small gap that she hadn’t noticed and words started to form onto the page.


Alex gasped and read on.

October 30th
 The Spell Room

Hah! Looks like someone actually figured out how to find these secret pages - you just laugh wickedly and insert Maleficent’s scepter into the secret gap. Honestly, I knew that I would never get caught if I made a totally fake diary entry about the hidden pages of my journal (well the story was true, but it never reveals my true identity!). I guess I might as well write the truth about my identity down so I’ll never blab out everything out loud by accident - my old mom would tell me before that you should write things down or everything you did wrong will bottle up inside you and eventually explode, but now that I’m doing this, that’ll never happen! You see, my mother abandoned me when Master Maleficent cursed me. Maleficent took pity on me when she figured out that I could control her scepter and she reversed the curse, but enslaved me as her servant. I spent the next couple years doing all of my evil master's work like magically creating spinning wheels for her or when she was in her Ursula form, making her that fake contract that Ariel signed or stirring up the poison that she used to pour onto the apple when Master Maleficent was in her Evil Queen form. When I left her, all of my magic slowly disappeared when the three fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, found out about me and took away half of my magic. The only reason I helped little deary Cinderella was because I  made an educated guess that I would eventually get my magic back if I used what I had for ‘the good’. I guess it worked because now I’m only missing a quarter of my magic. I hope to use the rest of these pages as places to write down new spells or potions that I can conjure up later when I have time to be mischievous. Oh - and then the pumpkin! Yes - I love pumpkins! I use them to make my potions all the time. I mean, pumpkins totally suit the theme of Halloween, my absolute favorite time of year. Actually, now that I think about it, that is the time when witches go riding, so I should be careful of not getting caught by humans, and of course not by Master Maleficent, the most evil witch of all time. Once I did get really close to getting caught by Maleficent when she was in her evil stepmother form. I mean, she never found out about the fairy godmother, but still I was in her house. I was brave enough to risk that to get my power back. Speaking of Halloween, in case you haven’t noticed, the scepter only really comes to life on Halloween and starts getting out of control. Once, the scepter even accidentally started Halloween fireworks! The first time I calmed it down, I wasn’t as talented as I am now, but I was still able to calm the scepter down and stop it from making ten hundred Halloween movies about how Maleficent is spooky. Instead, it just made one little movie called, ‘The Night Before Christmas’ which is actually about Halloween, but never mind about that. So back to the subject. Someone can only really open this diary up on Halloween, but that would be almost impossible to steal the scepter from Maleficent and then control it to open up this notebook. It is the night before Halloween and I must lock this up so no one will ever find this information.



Alex quickly wrapped the book tightly in her coat and rushed outside to tell her parents about her discovery.

“Alex! Where were you?” her mother said worriedly and hugged her closely to her chest.

“Umm, I got lost! I didn’t know where I was,” she said, her voice muffled against her mother's coat. Alex’s mother finally let go. “But I found this journal of the fairy godmother who is apparently evil!” She held up the book she had found.

“The fairy godmother cannot be evil! How do you know that it isn’t part of the Haunted House?” her mother asked suspiciously, noticing it was a dark purple, just like all of the other books on the shelves of Jack Skellington's Haunted Mansion.

“It is completely different from all of the other books! Mom - this is proof that the fairy godmother is definitely evil! I need to tell my friends about this!” Alex shouted loudly. Everyone turned to look at her.

“Dear, I don’t think we should be doing this right now. And, this belongs in the Haunted House! Not at —”

Alex kept on shouting, ignoring her whispering mother who was trying her best to pull her away from the attention she was attracting. “It’s true! I have proof! I have her journal! You can read it yourself!”

Alex slowly began to laugh wickedly and insert the invisible scepter into the gap on the right. The book opened and she showed it to everyone that had huddled around her.

A man rushed over. “This kid must be crazy!”

Another woman dashed to the spot. “This sounds like a good scoop for the LA Times!”

Soon enough, more news reporters came. They crowded the area, making it almost impossible for her to move.

“Ma'am, what's your name and how did you find this magical object?”one asked.

Eventually, this amazing news was broadcast around the world. Now the truth was known about the true identity of the Fairy Godmother.

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