Polls for New Saugus Book


Polls for New Saugus Book

We've been asked to post the following by the editors of the book A Gathering of Memories.:

Polls are being offered by the authors of A Gathering of Memories, now preparing a new book concentrating on the names and faces of people from 1900-2000.

The polls concern this past century in Saugus.

Poll 1 - Your choice for the most memorable moment in the history of Saugus sporting events in your lifetime.

Poll 2 - In this year of 2005 what among the things that have vanished from 1900-2000 do you miss the most?

Poll 3 - Memorable lines or quotes from any Saugonian 1900-2000 that you will forever link with that person. Sample: C.F. Nelson Pratt at the podium, about to embark on a speech in his famously stentorian voice - As unaccustomed as I am to public speaking...

In addition to the tally being made on, The Saugonian will conduct these polls in its next four issues then publish the results.

You are encouraged to offer your reasons for your choices as you submit your response(s) to the polls.

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