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June 16, 1999
Mr. Christopher G. Brown & Friends
88 Central Street
Saugus, MA 01906

Dear Mr. Brown & Friends,

On behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Greater Boston, I want to thank you for your generous gift of $675.00 to our Chapter. Please accept my heartfelt apology for not acknowledging your gift sooner. Your support, through the benefit concert in memory of your friend Daniel Ludwig, is appreciated more than you know and clearly reflects your sensitivity to the children we serve and the issues their families are facing. Please know that contributions to Make-A-Wish truly do turn dreams into reality for special kids in our community. I would like to share one such experience with you... to let you see how Emily's dream became a reality.

Twelve-year-old Emily C. of Needham is a sweet and spirited girl who has been diagnosed with leukemia. When visited by our Make-A-Wish volunteers, Emily enthusiastically told them about her favorite things... like basketball, beanie-babies and figure skating. She also explained that she enjoys spending time with all kinds of animals. She told the wish team that her wish involved a very special, type of animal. Emily had learned a lot about dolphins and, was interested in swimming with dolphins and seeing them "up close". Emily made it clear that such an experience would be the thrill of her lifetime.

Recently, Emily's wish came true when she and her family went on an all expense-paid family vacation to the Florida Keys, Their journey started with a limousine ride (their first!) to the airport and the fun just started there. After arriving in Florida, Emily and her family began planning their activities from their luxurious hotel room. Make-A-Wish had arranged for Emily and her family to see many of the local tourist attractions. They enjoyed a day trip in a glass bottomed boat, a visit to the Dolphin Research Center and many other exciting sites. The high point of Emily's vacation, without doubt, was her swim with the dolphins. As if sensing Emily's affection for them, the dolphins swam right up to her, nuzzling her and then swimming alongside her. Emily could not get enough of them and the joy she felt was obvious to her family and the sea mammal trainers accompanying her. This experience gave Emily a break from the everyday hardships involved with handling her illness and allowed her to delight in the natural bond she was forming with her new friends. Eventually, Emily knew she had to come out of the water but she emerged with memories that would never fade.

Thank you again for your generous support of Make-A-Wish. We hope that you feel great joy in realizing what a real and positive impact contributions like yours have on the lives, of our special wish children.

Maureen A. Murray
Special Events Manager

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