Selectmen Candidates' Answers (2001)

Questions to the Selectmen Candidates

Answers from Christie Ciampa, Jr.

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Answers from Michael Kelleher

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E-mail Address:

Precinct: 9

Current Positions Held / Political Experience

Current member of the Board of Selectman.

Current Occupation / Work Experience

Former General Manager of Saugus Square One Mall and the current Vice President/General Manager of Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Degrees Held / Education

BS Degree in Business Management from the University of Miami.

Currently A Member Of...

The Executive Committee for Saugus Pop Warner, a member of the board for the Saugus Business Education Collaborative and the Saugus Health Task Force. Also a member of the Saugus Italian American Club and the YMCA.

What are your feelings about preserving open space in Town?

I believe we must do all that we can to preserve remaining open space. From an infrastructure, school capacity and Town services standpoint we can not afford further residential or commercial development of the little space we have left. We must preserve space, as it is a precious resource of nature and wildlife and an important part of our community. I have been proud to play a role in the preservation of open space regarding Vinegar Hill. I believe the ballot question regarding the Community Preservation Act is a strong opportunity and that is why I am supporting it.

What are your thoughts on the impact of 40B on our community?

Residential development over the last 10 years has challenged our ability to provide services and school building space for additional housing. When 40B was created in the 1940's it had an important role in creating affordable housing. Today I believe 40B needs modification and classification based on the 21st century and the structure of a given City or Town. This modification could involve greater Town rights in the State granting of a 40B permit based on the capability to digest the new development and grant less over reaching power on behalf of the developer.

Do you feel Saugus ought to change in light of the September 11th tragedy?

From a public safety standpoint we all must change without giving up the freedoms that make us so great. Several new safety measures have been put in place and we must continue to evaluate. I also believe our great Community Spirit has changed for the positive. Many of us have been reminded, with pride, of the sacrifice and triumph of past conflicts and our youth are beginning taught in a way books and words can not. Conflict is never welcome, however, our triumph over evil in the past as severed to strengthen our collective spirit as it is today.

What else do you think is important?

We have accomplished much in the last two years regarding our infrastructure, the completion of the Capital Improvement Plan, the opening of the new Veterans Memorial School, town services and programs and our low tax rate. However, we have much left to do. We must build and staff a west side Fire Station, greatly and quickly improve our school buildings, reduce development and continue to add programs and services for our youth and adults alike. That is way I am asking to continue on the Board of Selectman and asking each voter for their vote on November 6th.

Submitted: 10/20/2001

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