2003 Questions to the Candidates

Questions to the Candidates

On this page you'll find the answers provided by candidates in the 2003 Saugus local election to the questions posed by readers of Remember that candidates are not required to participate at all or answer any particular questions. Remember also that these answers are directly provided by the candidates themselves do not reflect's official standing in any matter. If you are a candidate yourself and would like to participate, be sure to see the candidates' information page.

The questions themselves were:

  1. What are your feelings concerning the closing of schools?
  2. How do we get out of the current budget crisis?
  3. Do you have any ideas about how to preserve open space and fight traffic, congestion, and overcrowded schools?
  4. Considering the fact that townsfolk have voted against new taxes for new schools and new firefighters, what can now be done to make improvements in these areas?

and a freebee question:

  1. What else do you think is important?