Selectmen Candidates' Answers (2005)

Questions to the Selectmen Candidates

Answers from Edwin H. Brown, Jr.

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Answers from Maureen P. Dever

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Precinct: 3

Current Positions Held / Political Experience

I am currently completeing my first term on the Board of Selectmen. Prior to my election to the Board I served for fourteen years as an elected Town Meeting member representing precinct 3. I served four years on the Saugus Board

Current Occupation / Work Experience

I have been employed as a Registered Nurse for over twenty-five years. I have received my national certification in the field of Gerentology. I am also a student who is pursuing a paralegal degree in the area of public health law.

Degrees Held / Education

I received my Licensed practical nurse education at the Massachusetts Soldiers Home and my Associates Degree in Nursing from North Shore Community College.

Currently A Member Of...

I serve on the Board of Directors of the Saugus Business Education Collaborative. I also serve on the Goverment Legislative Committee of the Saugus Chamber of Commerce.

Why are you running for office?

I have served in Saugus Governmentfor close to two decades.I believe that I have been an effective leader who feels that open and honest decision making is in the best interests of all who call Saugus home. I believe that decisions made on behalf of the people should be based on the the best possible information possible. Everyone should be treated in the same fashion and with respect and dignity. There is much to be done over the next two years. Restoring our public safety personnell remains a top priority to ensure resident safety,reducing employee health care costs, preparing to rebuild

What do you think will be the single most pressing problem facing the Town of Saugus in the next two years?

The single most pressing problem facing the Town of Saugus lies in our inability to create a prioritized budget. We as a community MUST clearly establish a short and long term plan that accomplishes our goals. Our short term goals must include adequate public safety personnell to protect our community and residents, rebuilding our outdated and inadequate sewer system and maintaining essential services to the citizens. Long term goals must include the creation of a West Side Fire Station. The voters have already approved the building and equipment. A grant is now being pursued from the Depatment of Homeland Scurity

Do you have any ideas about how to reduce traffic, congestion, and overcrowded schools?

As a community we continue to grow and prosper.Saugus is an attractive location for both families and business.As we grow we face congestion and increased traffic. Enforcement of our traffic rules and regulations are hampered by our lack of adequate manpower. Restoring our public safety personnell will allow enforcement of our current rules and regulations. Overcrowding in our schools continues to be a challenge as more children enter our schools. Working with the Saugus School Committee in a collabrative manner I would support their desire to utilize the current Ballard and Evans schools to decrease overcrowding or any other

Do you think the town government can do a better job of communicating with that there is better communication?

I have always believed in open, honest communication with the residents of Saugus. Conducting all activities of decision making before the citizens at Board meetings. Placing documents of public record in the public library for residents to view has enabeled greater dissemination of important information.

What else do you think is important?

This election season has been overshadowed by the introduction of negative attack ads, threats and intimidation by sources who choose not to identify themselves or their motives. These nameless, faceless individuals do not respect this community, it's people or the process. No matter whom you choose to support please exercise your right to vote. Now more than ever before make your vote count. I respectfully request your consideration on November 8th. I am deeply appreciative to all who have shown respect and support to me and my family over this campaign and thankyou all for the honor and privlege of serving

Submitted: 2005/11/05

Answers from Janette Fasano

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