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This page provides the opportunity for candidates in the 2011 local election to answer questions posed by readers of Candidates are not required to participate at all or answer any particular questions, but they should keep in mind that the questions listed were all thought important by our readers and undoubtably all answers posted will be read with a great deal of interest.

While the questions themselves are not particularly geared toward any specific position being sought in the election, they do either directly or indirectly apply to every position, and the focus may vary from one to another. Thus candidates for multiple positions are free to enter different responses for their different desired positions; just please let us know if that is the intent.

If you'd like to see some of the answers already provided by other candidates, be sure to check out the answers page.

Instructions for Filling out the Form

The following form will allow candidates to view and answer the questions online; basic formatting can be achieved through use of standard structured text. Responses may also (as a last resort) be typed and dropped off in our bin in the Saugus Town Hall (in the Selectmen's office). Note that "Name", "Daytime phone", "Precinct", and "Position(s) Sought" are all required fields. We won't publish any phone numbers, but we need it ourselves for verification purposes. Also note that many of the fields list a maximum number of words. This ensures fairness to all candidates; if you go beyond the maximum number of words in an answer, we will trim your answer down to the maximum number, even if it means cutting your answer mid-sentence. We do count punctuation representing words (typically ampersand '&', slash '/', and the at sign '@') as words. Finally, please note that the required fields and maximum answer lengths apply regardless of how you make your submission -- online or physical drop-off. This year we're doing things a bit different and have fewer questions with longer word counts. This is in response to candidate feedback and is intended to make it easier to participate.

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