Housing Authority Candidates' Answers (2011)

Questions to the Housing Authority Candidates

Answers from Nicholas William Melanchook

E-mail Address:

Precinct: 9

Current Positions Held / Political Experience

No town political experience as of yet.

Current Occupation / Work Experience

Maintenance Foreman for the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy in Boston, MA. Weekend Custodian Blessed Sacrament Parish in Saugus, MA

Degrees Held / Education

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Technology from Wentworth Institute Boston, MA

Currently A Member Of...

Saugus Knights of Columbus and many other local organizations and charities.

What are your plans for the town over the next two years in light of the present economic situation??

In light of the recent monetary situation in Saugus, I believe local government should be a watchdog for the taxpayers of Saugus. To do this appropriately town government should ensure current obtainable funds are spent prudently and with close supervision. I firmly believe no further tax burdens should be placed on the already strained community at this time. As a candidate for Housing Authority I would do my part by ensuring every dollar spent in the Housing Authority whether it is on salaries, events, and or routine housing costs maximizes value for the tax payer while guaranteeing a realistic standard of living to the residents of the Authority. ** Thank you for your vote!!! **

What else do you think is important?

If elected to Housing Authority the subsequent items would be my top priorities:

  • Creating assigned parking for the resident of Laurel Towers is vital.
  • Reassessing services presently offered to the elderly and infirm.
  • Maximizing every dollar currently spent on maintenance and operations.
  • Working intimately amongst civic officials for the benefit of the residents.
  • Mandate common areas are maintained in a safe and offer sanitary condition.

Submitted: 2011/11/04

Answers from Nicola M. Nicosia

Has not yet participated.