2016 Questions to the Candidates

Questions to the Candidates

On this page you'll find the answers provided by candidates in the 2016 local state representative / senator election to the questions posed by readers of Remember that candidates are not required to participate at all or answer any particular questions. Remember also that these answers are directly provided by the candidates themselves do not reflect's official standing in any matter. If you are a candidate yourself and would like to participate, be sure to see the candidates' information page. There is a 350 word limit on each answer; while much longer than a tweet this is still short enough to read pretty quickly.

The questions themselves were:

  1. What are your thoughts regarding the regional school systems?
  2. What are your plans for preservation (open space, historical sites, your priorities)?

and a freebee question:

  1. What else do you think is important?

The Answers

Answers from Jen Migliore

Political Web Page:

E-mail Address:

Precinct: 1

Current Positions Held / Political Experience

Prior to becoming a full time candidate, I was the District Representative for Congressman Seth Moulton. I was previously the Compliance Director for Warren Tolman for Attorney General, and an intern for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Current Occupation / Work Experience

Full time candidate for State Representative

Degrees Held / Education

Graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Spanish and American Studies from Wellesley College

Currently A Member Of...

GIRLS INC, a nonprofit aimed at inspiring young girls to become leaders, SAVE, and the Garden Club.

What are your thoughts regarding the regional school systems?

I am the daughter of a teacher, so I understand the importance of education and good schools. I believe that our public schools need more funding and support. We need to prioritize and expand early childhood education, including universal pre-K and Kindergarten. I will fight to ensure that Saugus High School and Wakefield High School receive more funding for better facilities, extracurricular activities, and STEM programs.

We need to rethink public school funding in Massachusetts. The current Chapter 70 Formula used to fund public schools is outdated and disportionately hurts towns such as Saugus.

What are your plans for preservation (open space, historical sites, your priorities)?

I support preserving historical sites and protecting our natural environment. I have supported the city council decision to pass legislation that would protect and conserve the Lynn Woods Reservation.

Furthermore, I have strongly opposed the proposed Wheelabrator landfill expansion. This project would only serve to help big business, while jeopardizing the health of our community. This landfill should have been closed decades ago under an order by the Department of Environmental Protection, and I will fight to ensure that our environment and quality of life here in Saugus have the same protections as that of any other town in Massachusetts.

What else do you think is important?

In addition to increasing education funding, I believe that improving our infrastructure and putting an end to the ongoing opioid crisis are two priorities for our district. From alleviating congestion along Route 1 to investing in alternate forms of transportation, such as the Lynn Ferry, we need investment in infrastructure to create economic growth. Our proximity to Boston, and infrastructure such as Route 1 should not be a liability for our district, I fight to turn it into an asset to be proud of.

I support expanding public health programs to treat people in our community who are struggling with addiction. I support the adoption of Gloucester's ANGEL program, which pairs participants with volunteer mentors who can help treat their addiction.

Submitted: 2016/09/05

Answers from Saritin Rizzuto

Did not yet participate.

Answers from Roselee Vincent

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Answers from Donald Wong

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