Founders' Day Trivia Contest Questions (2000)

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Please note that this contest is now over; the answers have been posted.

If you can be the first to figure out the answer to one of the questions below and bring that answer to the booth at Founders' Day, you'll win a free T-shirt. Some of the questions are harder than others; remember that you have to be the first with a correct answer for a particular question. Answers can be found in a variety of places; some can be found online on; others can be found in the library; others can be found in the recently published book A Gathering of Memories: Saugus 1900 - 2000; still others can be found on plaques and monuments in town. We're starting off the day with T-shirts available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, but size selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis we recommend that you figure out your clue early so you can get your pick of T-shirt size.

  1. Who wrote the Saugus-published book Commercial Carnation Growing... A Practical Manual for Carnation Growers?

    Kenneth McCully
    Not solved.

  2. What's the fine for throwing snow in the street in Saugus?

    Solved by Julianne Desantis Felicia.

  3. List all the Saugus Historical Society presidents, from its organization in 1928 to the present.

    Mrs. Frank P. Bennett, Jr., J. Arthur Raddin, Miss M. Louise Hawkes, Elsie Wadsworth, Walter D. Blossom, Miss Pearl E. Belonga, Earl G. Hills, Mrs. James D. Borg, Ralph Pugh, Mrs. Beatrice Pappas, Richard G. Provenzano, Edward W. Patterson, Jr., Darren J. Brown
    Solved by K. Berrini & Family.

  4. Name the one Saugus firefighter and two Saugus police officers killed in the line of duty.

    Chief Mellon Joy and Officers Gus Belmonte and Harold Vitale
    Solved by Jeff Agersea.

  5. Who created the "Lobstermen"?

    Grover Waybright
    Solved by Chris Wilson.

  6. According to Paul Heffernan where did Cliftondale kids used to go find tadpoles in the spring?

    Anna Parker
    Solved by K. Berrini & Family.

  7. Various authors in A Gathering of Memories postulate at least three contradictory origins for the name "Saugus". Provide at least two.

    Algonquin for broad, level area; Algonquin for river outlet; derivative of St. Augustine
    Not solved.

  8. The Saugus curbside recycling program specifically disallows four categories of plastic items / containers. What are they?

    Unmarked plastic, plastic bags, oil containers, chemical containers.
    Solved by K. Berrini & Family.

  9. Identify at least ten of the following unofficial names of things or places in Saugus: Half-mile Road, the Backwoods, the Caddy Farm, the Ghost Dog House, Hoag's Castle, the Jerry Jingle Highway, Monument Square, the Landing Road, Mosquito Ridge, Piggery Road, Poojec Road, Y'krut.

    Bristow St., Vinegar Hill, at end of Laurel St. near Revere, stone house on Central St., in the Golden Hills near Wakefield, the Fellsway, the Center, Ballard St., Walden Pond Ave., Windsor St., Elm St., Melrose border near Essex St.
    Solved by K. Berrini & Family.

  10. One particular movie is mentioned twice in A Gathering of Memories Which movie is it?

    The Return of the Jedi
    Solved by Jeanne M. Barrett.