Town Trivia Question List

(download a PDF copy for printing;
There won't be many copies available at Founders' Day)

Please note that this contest is now over.

If you can be the first to figure out the answer to one of the questions below and bring that answer to the booth at Founders' Day, you'll win a free T-shirt. Some of the questions are harder than others; remember that you have to be the first with a correct answer for a particular question. Answers can be found in a variety of places; some can be found online on; others can be found in the library; still others can be found on plaques and monuments in town. We're starting off the day with T-shirts available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, but size selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis we recommend that you figure out your clue early so you can get your pick of T-shirt size.

  1. The Saugus American Little League Team finished this season ranked forth in the entire world. Last year, another Massachusetts team also finished forth in the world; which team was it?

    Solved by James Wlodyka.

  2. What was the name of the book that caused the protagonist of Late Night in the Saugus Public Library to fall asleep?

    The Devil in Massachusetts.
    Solved by... actually we didn't get this name (this question along with question #5 got solved right around 4:00 and in the general closing time chaos we goofed) so if you write in we'll give you the proper credit.

  3. The "Ghost Dog House" was just recently razed. Where was it?

    102 Central Street, Saugus.
    Solved by Steve Carlson.

  4. How long (in miles) is the Breakheart Reservation Ridge Trail?

    About 1.9.
    Solved by Brian Wlodyka.

  5. The North American Esperanto convention was held in nearby MIT this year and was listed in the Saugus Community Calendar. How does one say "Welcome to Saugus" in Esperanto?

    "Bonvenon al Saugus" (or "Bonvenon al Saugaso")
    Solved by Paul Cole.

  6. The Saugus Historical Society is celebrating a significant anniversary this year; what is it?

    The 75th.
    Solved by Ruth Berg.

  7. Who was the starting pitcher for Saugus in Game 28 of the 2003 Little League World Series?

    Michael Scuzzarella.
    Solved by Chris Wilson.

  8. Who was the first Founders' Day Person of the Year recipient?

    Stan Day.
    Solved by Andrea Donovan.

  9. Which elementary school has produced the most winners in the Elementary School Category of the annual Halloween Ghost Story Contest?

    The Ballard School.
    Solved by Mary Rose Quinn.

  10. Where can one find the remains of the old Saugus Racetrack?

    In Rumney Marsh Reservation.
    Solved by Jackie Kuech.