Saugus Hammersmith Stroll 1998
Trolley Routes

Trolley Route A
(3 Trolleys)

  1. Saugus Town Hall
  2. Saugus Iron Works
  3. Lynnhurst School
  4. White Hen Pantry
  5. Saugus Town Hall
  6. Evans School
  7. New Saugus Senior Center
  8. Movies 'N More
  9. St. Margaret's Church
  10. New Saugus Senior Center
  11. Evans School
  12. Saugus Town Hall

Trolley Route B
(1 Trolley)

  1. Saugus Town Hall
  2. Saugus Iron Works
  3. St. John's Church
  4. Blessed Sacrament Church
  5. Saugus Public Library
  6. Greater Grace Church
  7. Village Park Plaza
  8. Saugus YMCA
  9. Saugus High School Parking Lot
  10. Saugus Town Hall

For both trolley routes: the first run of trolleys will start shortly before 10:00 AM, and the final run will end at 3:30 PM.

St. Margaret's Church parking lot and Blessed Sacrament Church parking lot will both be open until 3:30 PM to provide free parking for trolley riders.